MOVING HOME 5- How MOKKOMOKKO chairs are adding all the fun to our Cozy Area?

As many of you already know that I have started to document our Home Move experience because I feel that it’s good to share so that all who are in the same boat will be benefited from it. Here are the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 for your quick reference. In this Part 5, lemme share with you why these MOKKOMOKKO designer wood chairs are truly the highlight of our cozy area.

Well, cozy area is the term we learnt from our Interior Designer. Our living room is quite spacious and we wanted to give a bit of texture to it rather than keeping it in its original format. So, something that’s a cross between a patio and a balcony; something that gives a feel of an outdoor / terrace – that’s our cozy area overlooking swimming pool and then Lower Seletar Reservoir right up to the buildings on the other shore.

Okay, so Cozy Area looked quite cool after the renovation and we wanted to make it a place where we can sit, drink coffee and chat.

Frankly speaking, we still have to work a lot as far as our home decor is concerned. Cozy area needs Plants, Some artifacts, lights and so on. But this challenge of Wuhan Coronavirus that we in Singapore are facing is not letting us soak in the beauty of the new home at all. So, we are just waiting and after things become okay then we will resume pending work.

Thankfully we got these cool MOKKOMOKKO chairs that instantly uplifted the appearance of our cozy area and they are a pleasure to sit on.

For the uninitiated, MOKKOMOKKO is designer furniture store specializing in modern, timeless and exquisite pieces that suit your home. MOKKOMOKKO began with a love for nature, texture and finesse. I couldn’t agree more because their furniture is indeed very classy!


Our MOKKOMOKKO Fuji Wood Chairs


The first thing that I noticed is the flawless and natural shine that screams loudly about the quality of the wood. Thumbs up!

Secondly, the delivery is so so prompt. Thumbs up!

Thirdly, how versatile these chairs can be. Place them in your dining area or cozy area like us and they will surely light up that space. Thumbs up!

Lastly, their quality totally justifies their price. In fact, it makes them very affordable. Thumbs up!


Fuji Chairs are made of Solid Wood with Water Based Natural Lacquer Finish. The wood choices are Solid Burmese Teak or Solid American Oak. We chose Solid Burmese Teak.

Loved Fuji chairs just like us? Shop for them here.


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13 thoughts on “MOVING HOME 5- How MOKKOMOKKO chairs are adding all the fun to our Cozy Area?”

  1. Wow the chairs looks sooo classy… i love the the pics… and the best partvis its made of great quality woods… indeed a must have to make a beautiful cosy corner

  2. It is always good if you get a furniture of your choice that too for one of your favourite corners/areas. This one product looks comfortable and durable.

  3. The chairs look so basic and classy. I am loving the way they have made the space so cozy and comfortable.

  4. The Mokkomokko chairs looks super comfy and with natural wood colour it looks super chic. Their USP surely must have been quite useful during shifting homes.

  5. I love the trendy and simplistic design of Mokkomokko chairs. I’ve been an ardent fan for simplistic or artistic stuff and this one surely catches all the attention and suits the overall area quite well ?

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