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Moving Home 4: Why we chose KDK fans for our home

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that we can’t breathe without Ceiling Fans. We have always used very minimal or no aircon as far as possible for reasons like fresh air is always better than aircon air, constant aircon exposure causes dry skin, allergies and so on. Personally, my hubby and I have grown up sleeping with a ceiling fan on our heads so yes, ceiling fans is our natural choice when we decided to move into a new home. Read here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of our Home move if you haven’t yet.

Choosing a great brand that offers great ceiling fans is a matter of careful consideration. We can’t just go to a shop and buy fans like potato/onions. Thankfully We discovered KDK fans and now their ceiling fans are cooling off my entire home.


Read on to find out why we chose KDK fans and why we are loving it. Also I have added Promo code so that you can purchase these cool gadgets for your homes too.

What to look for in your ceiling fans?

  • Do your research well. There are many brands out there. Check the features and consider your budget.
  • Safety first! Did you read that latest news about ceiling fan recall? So please ensure that the ceiling fan you are buying is fulfilling all the safety parameters.
  • Aesthetic considerations – What’s the area of your room? Is your ceiling high or low? What’s the color of the ceiling fan you are looking for.
  • Technological advancements – Remote control-based smart fans or otherwise.

Why KDK fans are the best for our home?

KDK fans look really cool

Whether 3-blade / 4-blade or 5-blade, KDK fans look very sleek, smart and gel perfectly with the home decor and theme. We chose mostly black and one white for our rooms.


Patented Safety Design

For family with kids, safety is and should be of paramount importance. KDK fans give us exactly that. It’s only ceiling fan in Singapore equipped with patented safety design that prevents the blades from falling. Awesome indeed!

Another important thing that you need to check is whether your fans fulfill Singapore’s Safety standards or not. Purchase made via official KDK Singapore comes with a Singapore Safety Mark sticker and warranty. Peace of mind for my family I must say.

Great technology and convenience at your fingertips

I love the remote control that comes with KDK fans. It’s fully equipped with options for ON/Off, Speed, Timer and so on. The fan comes with a light and that helps to light up the room alongside keeping it cool with the breeze that the fan generates. The light modes have 3 options from brighter, bright to dim. Most importantly, it’s silent. Shh…

Our home has plenty of sunshine and I was wondering if we have to keep aircon ON always but with KDK fans there is no such need felt so far.

Special mention of the Yuragi option. The breeze is gentle and fluctuating. It’s like someone is singing a lullaby and making you sleep. After a busy day, this is a must try in the night. Highly recommended.

All our KDK fans come with energy-saving DC motors.

Detailed features for those who want to know more:

  • Direct current (DC) motor adopted 
  • LED lighting (18W to 22W) with 3 brightness, White, CoolDaylight, Warm 
  • 1/f Yuragi function 
  • 3D blade delivers smooth and strong air flow 
  • PPG blade material for durability 
  • LCD wireless remote control 
  • 9-speed control 
  • Sleep model with On timer and Off timer 
  • Equipped with 1st Patented Safety Design 
  • Blade safety plate and safety wire attached 

Prompt Delivery and Installation Services


The delivery came so promptly and they offer installation too. Very straightforward process.


Liked it what you read? Then it’s your turn to opt for KDK

I have received some queries on moms WhatsApp group that I admin regarding purchase of ceiling fans. Here is the promo code for you so that you can get these cool KDK fans for your homes too.

shub10off This promo code will entitle your followers to 10% off all our remote control ceiling fans via our online store @kdk.sg

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  1. having own both black and white colour kdk ceiling fans, which do you prefer and why? what are the drawbacks of white colour? does the paint of the white peel off at the edges?

    1. Shub RainbowDiaries

      Hi Jason, so far all the fans and the colors are all as is. No issues or peel-off etc is noticed. We chose both the colors just to match our room colors.

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  4. i never knew about the yuragi option. It indeed is a great feature. I am going to definitely consider it as one of the options when I will changing my home’s fans

  5. Safety matters more when it comes to electric appliances . KDK fan seems great and they are alsoboffering much more features which is again awesome .

  6. Amazing and insightful post. Great to know about KDK fans. KDK ceiling fans is the most trusted brand and well known brand. These fans looks not too fancy in design. Great thoughts.

  7. I prefer safety and the utility in any electric appliance. KDK fans gives one more features than expected… they are good aesthetic wise as well.

  8. Oh wow KDK fans are the best option especially for people who return home from a tiresome day or for a busy mommy who needs some sound sleep. I love the features and would consider the fan to my friends as well.

  9. KDK fans looks nice. Good quality fans are really must in the house. Will considering buying them too.

  10. Having grown up in cities known for their sweltering summer heat, fans have always been an integral part of growing up. Having a good quality fan above you is really important. KDK fans seem to fit the bill very well.

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