Evorie uses Tritan for baby bottles and sippy cups, providing top-notch materials for modern parenting

When it comes to baby and kids, parents want nothing but the best! With so many brands avaiable, it becomes important to carefully select the perfect products that are based on proven technology, that offer great variety, high quality and well-trusted by other parents for years. Evorie is one such brand that has stood the test of time and parents have always preferred it for babies and kids.

Cutting Edge Research in Use of Modern Plastics Lead to Better Products for Mum and Baby

Established in 1975, Evorie is a leading baby care specialist brand in Asia and one of the first forward looking manufacturers to introduce silicone teats to baby feeding bottles in the late 1970s. Today, Evorie is an industry leader in using the Tritan material in baby feeding and drinking bottles, setting a new benchmark for baby feeding products in the market. Evorie is also a 2020 Good Design Award1 winner for their Australian-designed baby feeding bottles and weighted straw cups.

Evorie Lauded by Eastman Chemical Company for Their Innovative Applications of Tritan

The majority of baby feeding bottles in the market are made with polypropylene (PP) and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). These tend to scratch and absorb the contents of the milk bottles overtime, creating a tint, making it less clear for parents to spot milk residue in the bottles. PP also tends to degrade faster, and consumers are advised to change these every 3 months.

One of the Best Manufacturers of Tritan Feeding Bottles

When searching for a suitable material for their baby feeding bottles that were superior yet affordable, the Evorie team realised that Tritan was far superior to those on the market, but that it was not widely used because of cost and complexity. Tritan is a sturdy bisphenol A (BPA) free plastic widely used in homeware, appliances and medical equipment, created and manufactured by the Eastman Chemical Company (Eastman).

Working with Eastman Chemical Company

“Working with Eastman has been a fulfilling experience,” says Curtis Kuo, Evorie’s second-generation owner who has taken over the helm from his family. “We are proud of our success with Tritan.”

“Evorie has been using Tritan since 2016 to manufacture their feeding bottles and we have worked closely together to perfect it for baby bottle use,” says Michael Wu, the Asia Pacific Market Development Manager of Eastman Chemical Company. “Evorie is at the forefront of using this material for baby bottles.”

The Benefits of Tritan Material

The qualities of Tritan enable Evorie to make bottles that look like glass (ultra-clear, stain and scratch resistant), and yet are not as fragile and heavy as glass. Evorie feeding bottles are thicker and durable (they look brand new even after a year of use) which also results in less plastic waste as they need not be disposed of as soon as other bottles. In addition, Evorie supplies handle and straw add-ons that may be affixed to the wide-necked bottles to extend their useful life as your child grows.

Do check out Evorie’s products for your babies and kids!

For more information on Evorie Singapore, visit www.evoriemoment.com

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