“Make Every Drop Count” this March and Always!

Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB has launched its annual “Make Every Drop Count” water conservation campaign this year, in conjunction with Singapore World Water Day (SWWD) celebrations in March. This year’s campaign reinforces the centrality of responsible water use and management in the nation’s Sustainability efforts, encouraging individuals and businesses to play their part to contribute to building a sustainable water future for Singapore.

Everyone Can Contribute – Simple Actions, Sustainable Future

With the theme “Simple Actions, Sustainable Future”, PUB’s water conservation campaign reminds everyone – individuals, the community and businesses – to rethink their water use and incorporate good water habits as part of sustainability. While using water wisely and responsibly may be simple actions, these collectively make a big difference to our environment and Singapore’s water security. These actions range from simple water-saving habits done daily at home, recycling and reusing water, to adopting water-efficient processes and equipment in our industries.

Working Together for Water Sustainability

The immediate actions and commitment of sustainability-minded individuals and businesses to address water issues is essential and will help pave the way. Out in strength this month are the schools, community groups and corporate partners in the SWWD celebrations, actively sharing their efforts – from raising community awareness on water conservation, organising water rationing exercises, advocating the importance of protecting water resources, to showcasing their technologies and measures to drive more efficient and effective use of water resources within their organisations.

Groundswell of Support for Singapore World Water Day

Over the past 15 years, the Singapore World Water Day remains a key community platform to rally ground-up support for water appreciation and conservation. This year, over 400 partners have come on board to support the water cause and organise water-related activities. Among them, 116 schools are organising Water Rationing Exercises (WRE) for the first time since 2019, involving over 34,000 students across the month.

Through the WRE, students get to experience the inconvenience of water shortage, and learn not to take Singapore’s clean and reliable water supply for granted. Various community organisations and businesses will be carrying out water-themed activities to promote water conservation throughout the month of March.

Boosting Water Efficiency Among Industrial Water Users

PUB will be rolling out a series of initiatives to boost water efficiency among the industrial water users, as future water demand growth is expected to come largely from the non-domestic sector. There will be new requirements mandating water recycling for the new projects in water-intensive sectors, namely wafer fabrication, electronics, and biomedical industries from 1 January 2024. Recycling water on-site for reuse will reduce companies’ water bill and contribute to their long-term competitiveness and resource resilience.

Find the full list of deals and community activities at https://makeeverydropcount.pub.gov.sg/


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