Philips Wireless Headphones Are Music To My Ears!

Philips products have been a part of our home since childhood. My early memories of Philips include its bulbs that my dad used to buy for our home. Later, I used Philips breast pumps for my kids and their LED lightstrips, Air Fryers, Shavers have made my family’s life much more convenient and beautiful. Philips means high quality! Somehow, I haven’t used their headphones before but now I am a proud owner of not 1 but 2 of Philips headphones.

On my review table, today I have Philips Wireless Headphone TAH6506BK/00 and True Wireless Headphones TAT5556 series. Read on to find how they are music to your ears. Pun intended.

Philips True Wireless Headphones TAT5556 series

Music lovers? Then this is a cool gadget that you should check it out. Classy, compact and comfortable! I love the fact that it works the best for attending meeting calls too with an equal efficiency.

If you are on the go and in commute, Philips True Wireless Headphones TAT5556 series gives high performance. Its Noise Canceling Pro tunes out background noise. This feature makes it super-perfect for listening outdoors.

One cooler thing I observed while using these headphones is that it gives clear sound to both parties even with one earbud. Have personally experienced this.

The technology enables two mics focused on the sound of your voice, you’ll be heard clearly and you can double your talk time by using one earbud while the other one charges. The mics are automatically assigned to the earbud you’re using, and you simply swap over when your current earbud is running low on battery.

  • The controls on the earbuds are very convenient and let you pause the playlist, take calls, and wake your phone’s voice assistant.
  • If you take an earbud out, the music pauses. Put the earbud back in, and the music starts up again.
  • The headphones pair up in an instant too. Once paired, they reconnect with your phone as soon as you open the charging case which is definitely a big plus.

Technical Specifications:

  • IPX4 water protection
  • Connectivity Maximum range up to 10 m
  • 12 mm neodymium drivers
  • Handy wireless charging case, get up to 22 hours play time
  • Qi-compatible case for charging
  • Supported codec: AAC, SBC
  • Type of wireless transmission – Bluetooth
  • Wireless – Yes
  • Bluetooth version – 5.0

Six Factors Why It Makes A Value-for-money Buy:

  • Industrial highest ANC solution -Hybrid active noise cancelling chip, with feedforward (FF) and feedback (FB) microphones to check noise before and after,  (normal ANC only has 1 mic, which is either FF or FB).
  • Wireless charging case. With this feature, user can completely achieve a wireless experience.
  • High standard of mechanical quality and comfort fit design, it will fit everyone, everywhere, every day. Even during rainy days or sport, the IPX4 sweat resistance provides you good protections.
  • Supports mono mode. You can use one earbud while the other one is put back to the case for charging. With this feature, you will always have TWS available for calls or meetings, listen to music nonstop.
  • With Qualcomm chip and CVC (clear voice capture) solution, it will provide crystal clear voice call quality.
  • Up to 7 hours of play time and up to 15 extra hours with the charging case.

Philips Headphones App

Philips Headphones App is an excellent tool to easily control and update your Philips headphones. Philips headphones app is availabler for free for iOS and Android. App lets you customize your sound and control noise cancellation.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

After you download the app, these are the steps to get started:

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Philips, Philips Wireless Headphones, Philips Headphones
Philips, Philips Wireless Headphones, Philips Headphones
Philips, Philips Wireless Headphones, Philips Headphones

Philips Headphones app features:

Philips, Philips Wireless Headphones, Philips Headphones

Get your Philips True Wireless Headphones TAT5556 series here and enjoy $20 off at Philips LazMall

Philips Wireless Headphones TAH6506BK

Honestly, I haven’t used this type of headphones because I always feel that they might get too heavy for my ears and head. I am pleasantly surprised to explore Philips Wireless Headphone TAH6506BK. In fact, my husband loved this model and have started using it for his meetings. This is a slender headphone power-packed with many amazing features.

Its Active Noise Canceling facilitates sinking into the music. Busy professionals will like how Philips Wireless Headphone TAH6506BK makes multitasking a breeze because you can pair simultaneously with two devices.

Stylish Headphone

It’s sleek and at the same time looks quite stylish with its over-ear design. The material is durable true to Philips quality and will suit everyone. Whether listening to music or working on your office project, it adds to your overall look.

Active Noise Cancellation

There are always lots of surrounding noises especially when you are on the go and that distracts you and the other party on the call. Or if you are listening to music then these noises spoil the whole fun. Internal mics in the ear cups of these wireless over-ear headphones filter out unwanted noises.

Bluetooth Multipoint Connectivity

By far, we are totally loving this feature of Philips Wireless Headphone TAH6506BK. These wireless headphones can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time and we can switch between them as we need. Listen to music from the laptop + take calls from your phone. Yes!!! This seamless switch is very much possible.

15 Minutes Of Charging For 2 Hours Of More Playtime

This headphone gives 30 hours of playtime with a single charge or 25 hours with Active Noise Canceling activated. Just charge for 15 minutes for 2 hours of extra playtime.

Convenience To Operate

It’s easy! Buttons and a dial on the ear cups let you pause:

  • your playlist
  • take calls
  • control volume
  • wake your phone’s voice assistant

Easy To Store

The design of these headphones is bendable and swivelling. Fits perfectly in office drawer or fold it as a bundle and keep it inside the soft pouch that comes with it.

Five points that makes it such a noteworthy headphone

  • Focused on your music. Active Noise Canceling
  • Slim over-ear design. Distinctive looks
  • Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. Work better
  • 30 hours play time. 25 with Active Noise Canceling
  • Integrated controls. Clear calls

Get your Philips Wireless Headphones TAH6506BK here and enjoy $20 off at Philips LazMall

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