Northen Lights At Our Home With This Gadget

We haven’t been to Scandinavia yet and haven’t witnessed the magic of Northern Lights. But there’s is this attraction which is always there and that’s why my kids (and me) keep watching lot of YouTube videos about Northen Lights all the time. Before we manage to travel to Scandinavia with all our hectic work schedules, school routines, I think this gadget takes us closest to enjoy whimsical Northen Lights right from our home or rather right at our home! Yes, with LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector, we are sleeping under stars, moon and beautiful colors of changing sky every night.

Read on to know about this coolest little gadget that is a must-have addition to your home decor and in fact is an excellent gift idea for house warming, birthdays and other occassions.

LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector

Without further ado, let me just show you what it does. We have personally tried it and can safely say that there’s no exaggeration in this video.

Six features that makes LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector a Must-Buy

Tri-Colour Lighting

RGB colors and their combinations, Adjustment in brightness and remote that allows you to try out several different combinations, LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector brings so much of joy. No fixed, boring colors and poor lighting power.

Up to 300 inches Coverage

It does cover quite a big area! It’s engineered to cover up to a record-breaking 300″. That means your ceiling / wall can play this mesmerizing mood lighting. Very calming and transports you to another world.

Inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker

This is so fun! It comes with Bluetooth Speaker and that lets you sync patterns to your favorite music beats.


Honestly, I didn’t expect that I can just keep the Moon on and vanish the starts or I can just have blue mood lighting on or I can dim the brightness. LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector’s remote is truly powerful. You can customize colors, modes, elements like stars and moon. You can also adjust the speed of the lighting.

Local and Trusted Brand

I have been a regular of LUMOS products. Whether it’s LUMOS AURO, LUMOS RAY or LUMOS NANO, we at our home regularly use these gadgets and love their functionality. It’s a trusted brand for us just like many other people. No wonder the reviews for LUMOS products are 5-star.

Affordable, Excellent Gift Idea

The price is really really affordable and it comes only at only $99 with 1-year local warranty. I’m going to gift a few sets to my family and friends too!


Currently only ships locally in Malaysia & Singapore.

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