Finally Found Super Comfortable Shoes That Are Stylish Too!

I was so so waiting to find super comfortable shoes that look stunning! So far, I have always got shoes that look good but give terrible pain to my feet OR shoes that are comfy for feet but look very bland. I am very glad to find Lucca Vudor. My feet and legs are rejoicing now a days!!!

Honestly, when I was literally stuffing my feet in uncomfortable shoes just because I wanted to show off the style but they used literally kill feet and legs leading to terrible pain, shoe bites and what not. I also suspect that I have a mild case of Plantar Fasciitis. This pain at the bottom of the feet is caused by overstretching or overuse of the ligament due to long hours of sitting / standing involved in my area of work and of course it’s worsened in Covid scenario.

Who else dreads hard back tends that cause blisters and needling pain in the feet? I was giving up hope and was almost ready to forever settle for unattractive shoes just because they are comfortable.

Thank goodness, I stumbled upon Lucca Vudor website and I decided to give them a try. It proved to be a very good decision I must say because I am really really loving these shoes that amalgamate comfort and style effortlessly!!

What Impresses Me The Most In Lucca Vudor Shoes?

When you wear these shoes, you feel the difference instantly. They cushion my heels and feet lovingly.

The soft insole is truly innovative and I have been wearing them for quite some time now and my feet don’t pain even after wearing them for long hours.

This has impressed me a lot because the models of Lucca Vudor that I bought are not flats you see. They have heels and still I feel comfortable!! I can walk confidently without modifying my walking pattern. I don’t have to take breaks and sit down or take off shoes before putting them on again. No more awkward situations or sudden pain in the heel when Lucca Vudor shoes are on.

Lucca Vudor is the only shoe makers in the world to handcraft the shoes to such detail and perfection blending comfort and style. Their Industry-Changing Lambskin Support Insoles are popular in Singapore when it comes to comfortable work and lifestyle shoes.

Lucca Vudor : Blending Style and Comfort Effortlessly

Lucca Vudor offer luxurious shoes that are handcrafted in Italy. Their shoes are specially engineered for comfort. While doing this, the style is not sacrificed.

My reasons to choose Lucca Vudor:

  • They offer top quality Italian calfskin for soft, breathable comfort
  • There is an extra room for our delicate toes. So no more painful cuts or rubs or suffocated feeling
  • Specially engineered cushion insoles for added support and lift
  • They have huge variety of styles to choose from: from Heels to Sandals, Flats and Slippers
Lucca Vudor, RainbowDiaries

My 2 Favorite Designs of Lucca Vudor

Haniya 9620-8

I love the yellow color of these beautiful pumps. They are made of calfskin with a lambskin lining and rubber outsole. These classic and timeless shoes look amazing with jeans or formal dresses or on anything for that matter.

Heloise 2588-A003

I was looking for red shoes and got them here at Lucca Vudor! Its signature Lucca Vudor Pressure Relieving Sole is a dream to feet and style + color look smashing.

Shop Lucca Vudor here!

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