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Kinza Towel Review: Spa Luxury Towel For Everyday Use

You know one of the best things I love about staycations and vacations? Bath towels, face towels and hand towels that the hotel rooms provide. These towels just look different, feel different! Recently came across Kinza Towel – a brand that brings us same luxurious quality.

We tried a few of their offerings and here’s our review. Read on!

Some towels are really rough and irritate the skin while some don’t absorb water properly. Some remain damp and become smelly due to indoor drying. Also, if you have a sensitive nose and skin that’s prone to allergies, you have to be very careful about which towel you use.

Having experienced towel woes with my family, I was quite curious to see if Kinza Towel offers some solid solution. It did!

Kinza Towel: Soft and Smooth

When I first tried Kinza face towel after washing my face, I felt ooh la la, these are so soft on skin. The same first impression for their bath towels and hand towels.

Kinza towels are soft and smooth. They are as soft as Egyptian cotton or even more. Touch it and you know.

A Touch Of Luxury For Your Bathroom

We all work very hard for bread and butter. After a tiring day, what we need is a nice warm shower. This softest, most comfortable bath towel gives a SPA-like feeling right from the comfort of our home. After all, who wouldn’t want to add some luxury to their bathrooms?!

Mōsō Bamboo Towels

Kinza towel is made of Mōsō bamboo that naturally eliminate 99% of bacterial growth compared to other cotton towels. That’s why the unpleasant smell is eliminated. These are 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic and Eco-Friendly. Gentle and safe even for baby and kids skin.

Kinza Towel Review: Excellent Gift Idea

Personally, I find the packaging of Kinza towel extremely attractive. Superbly packed and presented, these towels is an excellent gift idea for new home owners, new moms and for anyone for that matter.

Kinza Towel Care

It’s easy and straightforward to wash and dry Kinza towel. The instructions come in the packaging itself.

Customer Reviews

Kinza towels seem to be very popular with the customers and over 70 customers have given the ratings of over 4.9 of 5 which makes this brand trustworthy.

For Bath, Hand and Face

Kinza towels are available in varieties like Face towel, hand towel, bath towel and towel bundle set. There’s something for everyone in the family for sure. I got some hand towels and bath towels. While my kids love their face towels. Also, towel bundle set is an excellent option because it has all the varieties.

Kinza towel is available in two beautiful colors – Onyx and Snow. It’s difficult to choose which one looks better.

Our Ratings

Rating: 5 out of 5.

More Information

Check all offerings of Kinza Towel here:

There are amazing promos currently on and there’s a FREE DELIVERY too. Do check out their bestsellers here:

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