Canteen9 Supplements Review: Korea Vitamins For Kids, For All In The Family

We all love Korean dramas and are fans of Korean beauty products too. When it comes to supplements for kids and family, we decided to explore Korea Vitamins and Korea supplements from Canteen9 and their range definitely left us impressed. Same high quality, holistic variety and convenience that you find in K-products is available in Canteen9 supplements!

Whether it’s Kids Zinc, Infant Zinc, Kids Omega 3, Kids Calcium, Kids Vitamin D, Kids Magnesium, Kids Probiotics, Kids Prebiotics, Vitamin C, Infant Probiotics, Infant Prebiotics, Kids Immune Health or overall Kids Supplements, Canteen9 supplements have it all.

Read on to find about more about them.


Looking for all-in-one Multivitamin? Then you should go for Hey,All. Hey,All is an amazing combination of the best of Hey,Mmun + Hey,Bone + Hey,Noon. Vitamin C, B, Zinc, Iron, Omega 3 456mg, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D – all in one packet!

Canteen9 ensures that there’s no overdose of nutrients and keeps the balance in tact. Their ingredients are premium and are sourced from developed nations. It’s on their website and all open to public eyes.

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Hey,Mmun has a pleasant blueberry taste and these are Immune Health Kids Zinc Vitamins. Hey,Mmun is touted as Korean No.1 health supplement for kids and especially Gangnam moms have always have this at their home. It’s a triple award winner – Twice No.1 brand in premium kids supplement & Once No.1 premium
brand in kids supplement.

Hey,Mmun is power-packed with 12 essential nutrients for kids’ immunity just in one single packet. It contains essential nutrients like Vitamin B, C, E, Iron, Zinc. It’s something that picky eaters and kids who frequently get cold should take.

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As a mom, my big concern has always been eye health of kids. Due to increased gadget time for online learning and playing, kids eyes tend to get dry and it also leads to bad sight. Both my kids are myopic and I am always on the lookout for remedies like Kids Beta Carotene, Kids Omega 3, Children Omega 3, Kids Eye Vitamins that support kids’eye health.

Hey,Noon is a great Korea Eye Vitamins for parents like me. It works great for parents with picky-eater kids who don’t like to intake carrot, blue-backed fish that contain plentiful nutrients.

Canteen9 is formulated in balance with Vitamin A 210μg, Beta Carotene 1.26mg, Omega 3 456mg

  • Hey,Noon comes with the same fuss-free technology of Canteen9 where supplements are available in individual package. Whether indoors or outdoors, this individual package makes it super easy to take vitamins.
  • It’s the most hygienic and convenient way to consume vitamins. I have often noticed the discoloration and vulnerability of glass bottles / plastic bottles of vitamins when it comes to dust and germs. Hey,Noon is free of such issues.
  • There’s no need to remember and calculate serving doses. Just take 1 pack in the morning and 1 in the evening. That’s it!
  • These Kids Eye Vitamins come in soft elastic capsule format with yummy orange flavor that kids can chew straightaway without water. There’s no fishy smell of Omega
  • It contains No artificial sugar and uses natural stevia. 7.5kcal per single serving packet, less than 1% of the total calories, so no need to concern about calories too.

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Another main concern, moms have is about Calcium and Vitamin D for kids. With pandemic scenario, kids were not able to engage in outdoors for so many months. Also, daily intake of milk might not be sufficient for fulfilling Kids Vitamin D and Kids Calcium requirements. Hey,Bone is a great option to support Kids for bone health with balanced nutrients.

This Bone Health Vitamins with Cocoa taste is a yummy bite of cocoa that kids will love. It also helps to support Kids Magnesium requirements. Hey,Bone makes Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium available for all in one packet!

Hey, Bone is formulated strictly to enhance calcium absorption and includes Vitamin D that helps in absorption of Calcium. Hey,Bone is high absorption formulation of Calcium and Magnesium to 2:1 ratio.

It comes with the usual convenience of individual package that other Korea vitamins and supplements of Canteen9 offer. This Chewable Vitamin D without water has a delicious taste of Cocoa. There’s No artificial sugar and natural stevia is used. Also, 5kcal per single serving packet which is less than 1% of the total calories.

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Happy gut, happy family! Do you agree? Kids Gut Health just like Family Gut Health is extremely imporant and that’s why we have to ensure that Kids Probiotics + Kids Prebiotics are adequately given to kids via food and when food is not sufficient to provide necessary nutrients then supplements like Hey,Jang are handy. Hey,Jang can be used as Infant Probiotics, Infant Prebiotics and for entire family as well.

Hey,Jang by Canteen9 brings us Korea Probiotics that include Certified Premium strains ‘Lactobacillus Reuteri Probiotics’ derived from human milk. Reuteri Probiotics derived from human milk are highly recommended from Doctors and Pharmacists for kids while Plantarum is the strain derived from Kimchi. Hey,Jang uses premium domestic probiotics included patented 3 species probiotics and contains 1billion CFUs probiotics that survive in stomach acid and gut by patented & advanced technology. This supports gut microbiota balance.

One awesome thing about Canteen9 vitamins is that all of them taste great. Kids / adults no one can refuse to take them. Hey,Jang tastes like prune – sweet and sour. Also, Canteen9’s unique individual single serving packet technology is very easy on-the-go and these individual packets ensure freshness and potency since you open and use them only once. Packets protect the probiotics, maintain potency, and make it easy for you to consume.

Each stick pack is easy to mix into any cool or room temperature food or drink. All we have to do is tear open a packet and mix in to expressed milk, formula, cool food, or drink. No refrigeration is necessary. Hey,Jang works to relieve kids’ constipation with added fiber for supplementary material. It contains premium ingredients like Prune, Oats, Acacia, Wheat, Organic Vegetable Powder and so on.

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As a wife and mom, I want to try my best to boost the immunity of my whole family. We have started taking Hey,Tein Immune health that has unique contents like New Zealand Colostrum and Protein from Netherlands Goat Milk.

Frequent colds and other issues indicate weaker immune health. Hey,Tein supports kids’ Growth and Immune health with high contained Premium Colostrum and Goat Milk. It includes total 1,000mg high included protein, premium New Zealand Colostrum for 600mg and Netherlands Goat Milk for 400mg. Hey,Tein also contains 9 species of vital Amino Acids.

As we all know, Goat Milk is very gentle on stomach and it’s next best thing after mother’s milk. Hey,Tein taps on these benefits of Goat Milk which provides plentiful growth factors and immune nutrients. It’s manufactured to be a better digestive and contains minimized A1 Beta-casein which is the cause of lactose
intolerance. It’s allergen-free product. Strawberry vanilla taste is very pleasant too.

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7 Things That Make Canteen9 Korea Vitamins Very Trustworthy and Convenient For All

  • Single-serving, single-use packets that need no refrigeration.
  • Perfect on-the-go packets for kids and family.
  • Supplements and vitamins designed scientifically. They taste great too!
  • Individual packets are easy to consume and preserve freshness and potency. Just mix the packet in to expressed milk, formula, cool food, or drink.
  • Canteen9 supplements are award-winning and certified kids health supplements by KFDA. This brand is trustworthy and Canteen9 is making Kids Serving Safe Products and has won consecutive triple awards: Twice as a No.1 brand in premium kids supplement and Once as a No.1 premium brand in kids supplement.
  • Ingredients in Canteen9 are open for everybody to view. You can check them out here:
  • Canteen9 supplements follow the principles of Sustainability and Eco-friendliness. The packaging is made of FSC certified paper and is strictly manufactured under regulated and produced by Sustainable Forest Management. Products are free of Heavy Metal, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead and ECF(Chlorine Free Bleaching)

I am looking forward to start Health routine with a Canteen9’s Good job sticker for my kids. Canteen9’s Cloud shaped stickers cheer up kids to take their supplements regularly.

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