In Conversation With: Yoges Mohan – Fitness Trainer and Founder of ACT1V.FIT

Fitness is a journey and not a destination. In this journey, many of us often fumble and are clueless about how to begin, what should be our ideal goal and how to achieve it. We had a hearty conversation with Yoges Mohan who is a popular personal trainer and founder of recently launched fitness apparel line – ACT1V.FIT

Yoges has so much to share and her own story is so motivating. Read on and support our local Mumpreneur !

Tell us more about you. Early life, education, and some fun facts.

Hello! My name is Yoges Mohan. I am a Personal Trainer and I have just launched my own fitness apparel line by the name of ACT1V.FIT.

I was active in sports from a very young age. I was in the track & field team representing my school since I was 9 years old. Then at the age of 15, I developed an interest in boxing. I went on to compete in local boxing and kick-boxing competitions. I trained with other boys during my sparring days and knew no fear of getting hit!

I continued participating in running events and practiced boxing even when I started working. There were not many females in the sport at that time but in time to come, I saw that girls/women were open to trying out the sport to keep them fit and to learn boxing as a skill.

In 2009, I gave birth to my son and found that it was easy to lose my post pregnancy weight because of all the exercise and workout I had done before and during my pregnancy. I swam a lot while pregnant.

How did the journey of fitness and wellness begin for you? Any incident that prompted you to embark this mission?

My first job was a Police Officer with the Singapore Police Force. I took the opportunity to get certified as a Physical Training Instructor with my knowledge in sports and my passion to help others with their health and fitness.

I then became a personal trainer at a gym and furthered my experience and skills as a trainer. It was then when I developed an interest in training pre-natal and post-natal women. I focused on their core muscles before pregnancy. During pregnancy, I train them on their mobility & maintain their muscle mass. Post pregnancy, I help with their weight loss and toning.

Another aspect of fitness which I am passionate about is active ageing and rehab. I coach clients on recovery exercises to manage injuries and minimalise pain. I work with clients in their late 40s to 70s to strengthen their muscles and enhance their agility, so they can cope with any challenges they face as they get older.

How is life as a personal trainer is? What keeps you motivated?

My clients keep me motivated! When I see them progressing, I feel proud of the work they have done and thankful for their trust in me. They look forward to my sessions and are very warm and welcoming. Being a personal trainer, I always ensure that I maintain a good relationship with my clients, so they feel comfortable during their sessions. At times, I am even a listening ear for them.

You have recently launched an online shopping site for fitness and wellness products. What are your plans to grow it and being a Mompreneur, how do you manage time?

I have just launched my own line of fitness apparels by the name of ACT1V.FIT

Over the years, I had multiple opportunities to work with many great and inspiring women. During this time, I have learned that most women are not very confident of their bodies. Being a mum myself, I feel that it is important for women to embrace the changes their bodies have gone through after pregnancy. 

This fuelled my passion to preach the goodness of Empowering your Body. “Your Body” is your assertive tool, never let the ideology and perception of society lead you into shaping or re-shaping your Body size by force. To me, there is no “BODY” that will be an ideal shape. We need to embrace our flaws and keep our minds positive. 

ACT1V.FIT wear caters to everyone, Petite to Plus size and even for Pregnant Mothers. It’s Lightweight and easy to slip-on. The apparels also aim to fit “Any Body” types without significant emphasis to “Body Shapes”.

I hope to grow ACT1V.FIT to a global brand. I would like everyone, both men & women, to be empowered by their body and for body shaming to end.

As a Personal Trainer, I start my first session as early as 7am. I send my son to school before that. When I end my sessions in the morning, I head home to prepare lunch for the family, sort out some administrative work, work out on my own, then I leave for my evening sessions. Most days, I am home by 7pm. We try to have dinner as a family. On the weekends, I push my sessions in the first half of the day so I can spend more time with my family. And Sundays I try to take a break unless a client really needs to schedule a session on Sunday morning.

Any message to budding entrepreneurs like you.

Being a mumpreneur, you have a lot on your plate, but you got to enjoy what you do to keep yourself motivated and going forward. Passion, positivity, discipline & dedication is the key to success!

Lets wish all the very best to Yoges! Do head to and check out their cool range of active wear.

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