5 Reasons Why Coding Is An Essential Skill For Kids And How Coding Giants Can Help!

I remember learning coding when I was studying in the university just like many other parents did. Times have changed so fast and coding is considered as an essential skill for kids.

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What is Coding?

Coding is a language used to communicate with a computer. It’s the way to send instructions to a computer to perform specific tasks.

With coding, you can make apps, games, apps, websites, software and so much more.

Why Coding is an essential skill for kids?

Coding helps to build problem-solving ability

Coding helps kids to understand how things work and how to make them work. This enhances their problem-solving ability. Coding gives opportunity to kids to try and try again until they produce the result they are looking for.

Coding helps children learn Maths Concepts in a fun way

Coding involves calculations and kids can grow their math skills while coding in a fun manner. Coding lets kids explore Maths without even realizing it.

Real World Understanding

Coding projects are based on real world scenarios and kids get deeper understanding of the world while working on those projects. Programming classes for children help to understand how technology works and teach logical thinking and patience. The young generation gains skills that will be useful in many areas of life.

Coding prepares kids for the future’s best paid jobs

Coding is a skill that is highly valued in the workforce and jobs related to computer programming, manufacturing, engineering, medical, media and so on. Basically, in today’s digitized world programming is everywhere and your child with an expertise in programming will always be in demand in all sectors!

Coding encourages creativity and persistence

Coding keeps kids engaged and boosts their creativity while they create new apps, games. It encourages them to be persistent and complete coding projects and tasks.

How Coding Giants Can Help Kids In Their Coding Journey?

Coding Giants is the largest international programming and coding school headquartered in Europe with more than 120 facilities around the world. Coding Giants’ courses are for children aged 7 to 19 years. Coding Giants programming classes for children help to understand how technology works and teach logical thinking and patience. The young generation gains skills that will be useful in many areas of life.

Coding Giants is a Microsoft Global Education Partner. They provide certificates upon completion of each course – with Microsoft logo! This brings reliability and credibility to kids” learning. It means effective and advance support and development of digital abilities among kids. Coding Giants has been trusted by Ubisoft, one of the largest gaming companies in the world, who has given its patronage over one edition of Code with Giants! This keeps their students ahead in learning gaming development and creativity.

Coding Giants Curriculum and Programs

The curriculum of their courses is prepared by specialized programmers who skillfully select the material according to the abilities of students in a given age group. 

In the exceptional classes of Coding Giants your child will:

  • learn how to code their own games and apps,
  • learn how to create their own websites,
  • learn about hacking and cybersecurity,
  • develop their logical and creative thinking,
  • develop their analytical skills, and
  • gain knowledge from one of the best paid career field on the market.

Courses start from the basics for each age group by promoting them in advanced level gradually.

Coding Giants Syllabus for Semester 1 is as follows:

  • 7-9 years – Basics of Games Developments
  • 10-12 years – Programs and Computer Games
  • 13-15 years – Introduction to C#
  • 16 – 19 years – Introduction to C#

After completion of Semester 1, students will be promoted to the next semesters with more comprehensive and complex set of coding.

For the full list of Coding Giants courses, visit their website at www.codinggiants.sg/ . You have a wide variety of courses to choose from whether it’s coding, mobile apps, computer games or websites, hacking and cybersecurity.

  • Coding Giants classes are fully online. One semester consists of 14 lessons. Teachers provide lesson summary after every class for students’ revision.
  • Each class is of 90 minutes with 5 minutes break. 
  • Fee structure is very affordable from S$192/month. 
  • Classes will be held once a week. You can choose weekends / weekdays classes as per your convenience. There is a provision of makeup classes if student miss a class for valid reasons.

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