LUMOS NANO Review: Anywhere, Any Place Can Be Your Cinema

Projector for home is relatively a new concept and thanks to pandemic that many of us now have projectors at home! We made our home as our cinema with LUMOS AURO and as a family, we love projecting our favorite movies right from the comfort of our home. LUMOS RAY is a sibling that I personally like when it comes to projecting workout videos and educational content for my kids.

LUMOS has just launched their latest technological magic in terms of LUMOS NANO and it’s looking so so good! Now anywhere, any place can be your cinema.

LUMOS NANO: Why We Are Loving It?

If you are a sucker for the latest innovative gadget and a cinema lover then LUMOS NANO is for you! Whether you’re looking for an alternative for a tv, or another projector to add to your collection then you should definitely consider this option.

  • LUMOS NANO looks very adorable and its size is tiny as per its name. Extremely portable with its weight which is less than 400 grams. Sleek, minimalist and it can literally fit into any backpack or tote bag easily.
  • Can you beat this? LUMOS NANO can project images on any surface-whether it be a ceiling or a blank wall.  This means that the lumos projector can be brought anywhere and everywhere – staycations, vacations, camping trip, long drives, star-gazing nights and more.
  • The key test for any projector is – how is the quality of images and videos it projects? Based on our experience, LUMOS NANO’s display quality is really cool. No grainy or washed-out images and videos. The colors look vibrant and the content that we played came out amazing on our wall and ceiling.
  • One more convenience – both Android and Apple users can sync the projector to their phones. LUMOS NANO can be operated easily because it comes with a remote. I feel that this projector can completely replace a television and will be a great gadget for those people who are living in rental apartments too.
  • Oh yes, it doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. After testing it out, we find the sound quality for the speaker super good.
  • The projector is a good investment. It retails for $599 and comes with a one-year warranty.

LUMOS NANO: Specifications

  • 2-in-1 Portable Projector & Bluetooth speaker with Netflix, YouTube
  • Bluetooth speaker comes with a powerful Dolby Audio
  • DLP display technology, auto screen adjustment, touch pad & Android 9.0 system
  • Inbuilt touch pad and auto keystone makes it easy to control and put at any angle you want.
  • You can go up tp 100″ full-blown screen on the ceiling.
  • LUMOS NANO uses Premium DLP Tech with 1,500 lumens which is the most premium form of light display technology in projectors. Its high brightness makes the colours more vivid.
  • Inbuilt Netflix+ YouTube – Most used 2 apps by Singaporeans.

More Information

The LUMOS NANO is priced at only S$599 with 1-year local warranty. It is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector’s website at Only ships in Singapore and Malaysia currently.

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