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Mum Shares Her Experience of Abrakadoodle Art Studio

Each kid is special and as parents, we have to remember that always. Rather than forcing kids to pick up extra-curricular activities of our choice, it’s always good to encourage them to try what they truly wish to. In our case, our daughter Eeshaa has been always very creative and loves to draw, paint and craft. On the other hand, our son – Shrihaan has been a keen music lover and is learning music. He also doesn’t quite like to get hands wet or dirty with paints. At one point in time, he expressed his desire to draw and paint “like his sister” and that’s when we decided to explore Art Classes in Singapore. When it comes to Best Art Classes, one name that popped up predominantly in our searches and also based on the feedback that we received from friends, we decided to enroll Shrihaan for an Art session for Doodlers (6 – 12 yrs. old) in Abrakadoodle Art Studio River Valley branch. The experience was enlightening and we are super happy with the outcome. 

Read on to more about Shrihaan’s Art session at Abrakadoodle.

Abrakadoodle Art Studio

Abrakadoodle is a well-known name since its inception in 2002. They have branches all over the world. When it comes to the very best in visual arts classes for kids, summer art camps, holiday art camps, art parties and other art events, Abrakadoodle is a place to go! 

Abrakadoodle Singapore celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2019. They conduct creative art programs in 4 studio locations at River Valley, Marine Parade, Tampines and Jurong East.

Abrakadoodle Art Studio has classes for various age groups and various forms.

  • Sketch
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Arts & Crafts

Doodlers – Art Classes for ages 6 to 12: What happens in this session?

Shrihaan is not a natural painter or something but we have seen him doing lots of drawings to illustrate popular games and that’s why when I initially consulted the teacher at Abrakadoodle, she suggested Doodlers (6-12 years) session for Shrihaan.

  • I as a parent loved the fact that how free-flow this class was! Teacher immediately struck the chord with kids and I knew that he was in safe creative hands. Parents can drop off the kids and I think that gives a lot of freedom to kids to express their feelings on the canvas.
  • While talking to the teacher, I learnt that this session is all about designing their own unique creations and each creation is special in its own right. The session lets kids use multiple wonderful materials and in this process, they develop artistic skills and craftsmanship.
  • The session focuses on building imaginative projects that kids will truly enjoy doing.
  • Another highlight of the session is the introduction to Art history, artists and their work.
  • Abrakadoodle Art session incorporates blended learning approach which helps kids to fine-tune their motor skills and senses.

Process Art approach at Abrakadoodle Art Studio

In Abrakadoodle class, the technique that the teachers follow is called as Process Art approach. This approach helps kids to explore, create and develop their own original ideas. Teachers focus on providing kids with the inspiration, materials, guidance and tools to be creative.

Rather than focusing on the final outcome, Process Art approach focuses on the learning process that goes behind it. It teaches kids to embrace their mistakes, imperfections and simultaneously invent, create, explore ways of shaping up their art.

As a parent, I use the same approach at home and don’t believe in spoon feeding at all. So definitely Abrakadoodle is a place for parents like me to visit.

I truly liked what Shrihaan came up with at the end of the class

How does this artwork look? For mom in me, I will say I loved it but even from a third party perspective, I will say it looks very fun and how the shapes and colors are used say a lot about how the kid has loved the process of coming up with this art piece. Good job, boy!

Disclaimer: The mask was taken off for moments to take the photo. Proper Social Distancing was maintained between the photographer and subjects. Abrakadoodle Art Studio followed all the necessary Covid-19 saftey requirements.

I am quite sure of the fact that now on Shrihaan at least won’t hesitate to get his hands dirty and indulge in the creative world of colors. He’ll enjoy the creative process and will love whatever he draws / paints / creates. For this change, I must wholeheartedly thanks Abrakadoodle Art Studio. Will I recommend it to my friends and fellow parents, yes, surely.


Abrakadoodle River Valley

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade #03-104 Great World City, Singapore 237994
Phone: (+65) 6235 3631

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  2. I am so glad that we have such wonderful concept to keep kids engaged and learn in a creative way at the same time

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  4. I love tbe arts too. And putting a child’s energy for creative purposes is a really good thing. The habit of making beautiful things and expressing their inner being is so therapeutic as well. This art studio is really imparting good experiences.

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