Royal Eternity Tea House

Looking for an unique Event Venue? Royal Eternity Tea House is a Great Choice

One of the most important things that we missed during 2020 was organizing and attending events. Singapore is a hub when it comes to a variety of events and thankfully, now the events are back, we all are looking forward to more events and meetings once again. Among a myriad of event venues, a few event venues stand out and suit perfectly for get-together, meetings and gatherings. Recently we came across one such perfect event venue of Royal Eternity Tea House.

Whether it’s corporate events, weddings, formal meetings or classes, team meetings and workshops, Royal Eternity Tea House is an unique venue that you should check out.

What is Teahouse?

Traditionally in countries like China and Japan, a custom of tea ceremony is very common in events and special occasions. Tea house is a venue that is exclusively dedicated to making, serving and drinking of high quality of loose leaf teas. In fact, in true to tradition tea house, there is no food served so that event attendees can focus on the art of tea-making and tasting while engaging in meaningful conversations.

Royal Eternity Tea House

Royal Eternity Tea House offers an unique experience that combines the beauty of traditional tea house with an elegant event venue complete with all the necessary amenities.

  • It offers a multi-functional and versatile event space
  • Royal Eternity Tea house offers an easy access to public transportation. It’s conveniently located between Tanjong Pagar,Chinatown and Outram Park
  • It’s a beautiful Tea House


Royal Eternity Tea House is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities for a successful event.

  • Private room with air-conditioners
  • Wifi
  • TV Screen, Projector, Sound System
  • Chairs, Tables
  • Pens and Papers
  • Cleaner
  • and of course, Tea!

Types of events that can be hosted at Royal Eternity Tea House

You’ll find beautifully designed meeting rooms and an entire event floor that is perfectly well-suited for any event. The rates are reasonable as well. You can definitely consider this place for all these types of events:

  • Close-knit Corporate Events
  • Wedding
  • Meetings and Workshops
  • Classes
  • Team Building
  • Get-together
  • Family bonding events

Which of these Teas would you like to have during your event?

Tea refreshes instantly and tea lovers will swear by it. Discussions over a sip of a high quality tea are fruitful and rejuvenating. That’s why in some countries, drinking tea is treated as a holy ritual.

Green Tea

Green Tea offers light flavor and it’s rich in antioxidants. One of the more famous type of green tea is produced in Hangzhou and known as Dragon Well tea.

White Tea

Similar to green tea, white tea goes through very little processing. Do you know the name “White tea” comes from the white hair covering the buds of the tea plant.

Oolong Tea

Another very popular type of the tea is Oolong tea. It’s mild but the taste is still stronger.

Flower Tea

Flower Tea is made from flowers of jasmine, lily, chrysanthemum,rose, hibiscus. These flowers can be blended into a green or white tea too.

Fermented Tea

This needs elaborate processing. The tea leaves are rolled and dried. Then they undergo microbial fermentation for months.

They also arrange Tea making and tea appreciation workshops and that’s the great way to bond with your family. In fact, this itself is an awesome event that can be organized for smaller groups. Along with the choicest quality of teas, Royal Eternity Tea House also offers calm, clean and conducive events. The ambiance is something that all will love.

Royal Eternity Tea House
37 Neil Rd, S08882

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