How To Rock Online Meetings With Poly

2020 is a year that made a big impact and we can term it as one of the life changing years for sure. When the year started who knew we will have to go through the pandemic that will completely modify the way we live and work.

When it comes to work, many of us have been working from home for most of 2020 and probably it will stretch to the next year too. In fact, it’s possible that for some of us it might just become a new way of working for ever. Working from home or studying from home is a new norm. We have to not only adapt to it but we have to rock it! Poly helps so much to make Work from Home a breeze.

Common Issues During Online Meetings:

Some of us probably were working from home even before 2020 but many of us are completely new to it. In fact, when the circuit breaker started, we were thrown this curveball of WFH and it wasn’t easy.

Along with a few connectivity issues and lack of ergonomic work furniture, the other main challenges are audio and video while working from home.

  • Audio Issues –

When you are in an Online meeting, surrounding sounds can be extremely distracting not only for you as a speaker but also to the audience of your work meeting as it completely takes away the attention from an important topic. Imagine, someone screaming in the background, birds chirping, fan blowing wind loudly and all such noises mar the atmosphere of the meeting. Result: Embarrassment and failure to push for your points during important decision-making meetings.

  • Video Issues –

When the meetings are NOT going to be face-to-face, it’s important that your video is as strong as your audio. When your team and clients can see your face clearly, communication becomes easier and makes your virtual meeting feel like the real thing. But if the video aspect of the virtual meeting is lagging or the quality of your web cam is mediocre then the whole purpose of the online meeting and its impact gets diluted.

Just like many of you, even we were facing the need to resolve the challenges of online meetings and were looking for some good gadgets that will make Work from Home a breeze. We installed the Poly VOYAGER 5200 UC HEADSET and the EAGLEEYE MINI HD VIDEO-CONFERENCING CAMERA. Bringing you the review of these cool gadgets! Read on.


Like mentioned before, surrounding sounds can break meetings and we found Poly’s Voyager 5200 a perfect choice to overcome this scenario.

What to look for in a great headset system and why we recommend Voyager 5200?

  • No unwanted sounds – Works silently and removes distracting sounds to make your meetings smooth. Six layers of WindSmart® technology great for outdoor use, P2i coated for moisture protection.
  • Seamless Connectivity and convenience – Easy setup is one of the big points and Poly Voyager 5200 instantly connects to your desktop or laptop and phone. Another lovely feature is how it does the transition seamlessly. With this long-range Bluetooth headset, you can start a call at your desk, move to your car and get to your next destination without any breakage of audio. Its sleek portable design makes it the perfect buddy for online meetings that you attend from home or office or while commuting. Plus, it’s easy to keep charged. Up to 7 hrs., up to 9 days standby time is quite amazing.
  • Happy Ears – Raise your hand if you get headache and nausea due to bad headsets. We definitely get them especially with back-to-back meetings. Thankfully Poly Voyager 5200 has made our ears happy and even during long meetings, it does not pain your ears or give that heavy feeling.
  • Take it Wherever – A great headset should be always ready to go – whether it’s home or office or outdoors, it should allow you pick up your calls from everywhere with the same confidence and ease. Poly Voyager 5200 does just that. It’s one headset that we have used from home, office and cafes with the same efficiency.


Seeing is believing isn’t it? It is true even for Online meetings. That’s why your web cam has to be strong.

Perfect Clarity with EagleEye Mini

  • Perfect Clarity to see people and other assets during Online Meetings – The EagleEye Mini’s rich hues and 1080p HD video bring images to life. With 4 mega pixel sensor, 4x electronic zoom, a 74-degree field of view and simulcast video stream, it makes everything really visual. f/2.0 aperture, Automatic exposure and white balance and Autofocus, 8cm-infinity are some other technical specifications of EagleEye Mini that you will like.

With Poly’s Audio and Video Solutions, it is very much possible to make Online Meetings sound and look like real ones! We have made our Work from Home and Office a breeze with Poly. How about you? How are you coping with the New Normal, do let us know in comments.

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  1. These gadgets from Poly seem really state of the art. They spell out convenience and quality of audio and video. I really like the bluetooth feature that enables seamless transitions.

  2. You are right- we surely need good webcams. Poor quality does impact the look and the feel. I look like a monster in my laptop cam. This sounds like a really good choice. Will check the site.

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