Break Taboos, Talk About Periods And More

Times have definitely changed but when it comes to Women’s intimate health, wellness and other feminine topics, there’s still a lot of apprehension. Forget about talking about it in a mixed gender group, even women sometimes don’t talk freely with other women. It’s 2021 almost and it’s high time we openly have discussion about period and other taboo topics. 

Why The Stigma?

In many countries worldwide, women still suffer period stigma and periods are considered as unclean, unholy time.

They are not allowed to enter places of worship and some of them even have to be locked in a separate room. Hard to believe but it’s a hard hitting truth.

Also, when it comes to sexual wellness gadgets, it’s a strict NO for women and at least openly they can’t talk about it.

Another major challenge that women face is when it comes to conception and childbirth. Every woman has a right to say yes or no when it comes to bearing children. If she decides to have kids but the biological clock is not cooperating, she can always seek medical options and alternate methods to become pregnant. But again, all these topics are considered as a taboo and discussions either happen behind closed doors and in a hush hush manner.

Openness Can End The Taboo

As a woman, there’s nothing to feel ashamed or nervous about our femininity. It’s something that we have to rejoice about.

It takes all of us to stop the stigma and break the taboo cantered around feminine care. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a mother or a father, it’s much needed to normalize periods, conception and everything related to human reproductive system.

Openness among our cultures will bring about big positives and our girls will feel more safe, secure talking about periods and other feminine care topics.

Encourage Questions and Seek Answers

We believe that it should start as early as possible. As parents, we should not avoid the tricky questions kids ask – whether it’s about sanitary products or protection. We can always make the answers age-appropriate. There are ways to handle these questions and adding a good sense of humor helps a lot. 

When kids know that their parents are on the same page when it comes to “S” topics, there is so much reassurance and clarity for all the concerned parties. It leads to ending shame, self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Build Women Communities

At RainbowDiaries, we have a huge women’s community under our #SocialMediaMomSG platform and often there are topics that ladies don’t share with others openly are discussed. Whether it’s period, pregnancy related issues or any other intimate questions that they might be facing.

When women support women and when there are encouraging words and suggestions coming from fellow women, life becomes happier, isn’t it?

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Let’s all support each other to break the taboos and convert them in our triumphs!  #TransformingTaboos

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