No more stationery woes with this fun and functional stationery

I am sure that I must have spent hundreds if not thousands on Stationery for kids. There can’t be Student life without stationery. I also feel that stationery can be a great motivating or deterring factor for studies. Example: pencil that keeps breaking while writing just puts off student mind from completing that essay. On the other hand, great quality and look n feel of the stationery items boost the student to do even better in studies. That’s why I chose Qualy Design’s Fun Stationery for my kids. They are loving it and using it very productively.

Do you relate to this pic?


Sometimes Most of the times, I feel like pulling my hair out when I see pencils, pens, erasers, paper clips, papers lying around the whole house. The kids pretend to be too busy to organize it and when it comes to studying they don’t find anything!!!

Sigh, I was quite desperate and wanted to get stationery that’s easy to keep on the study desk, something that’s vibrant and make kids have fun while they study. Qualy Design’s Fun Stationery fitted the bill perfectly.

Check some of the exclusive stationery that I got from Qualy Design…

Desk Bunny Scissors & Paper Clip Holder

Simple but yet so so cute! This bunny is lighting up the desk of my bunnies, you know. It holds the scissors perfectly and no more scattered paper clips around the whole home.



Desk Bunny Scissors & Paper Clip Holder is available in three colors: Pink, White and Black.


Do you know that bunnies express their joy by jumping up into the air and sometimes twisting its head or body, and this expression of happiness is called a “binky”? My bunnies have added some binky in their study time with this Desk Bunny!

Dinsor Stationery Holder

Dinsor or Dinosaur? It’s really a giant stationery holder that was so much needed to organize my kids stationery. But I did one mistake – I got only one!!! Need to get another ASAP to avoid further clashes over it between the sister and the brother of our home. Lol.


First of all, it looks like a great showpiece and adores the study desk. It’s very durable and can sustain the rough use by kids.


Just open it and there go your pencils, pens, color pens, sketch pens etc etc inside it. Very very convenient. As a mom, I am relieved because all the writing instruments can be now found at one place – in this Dinsor Stationery Holder!


Do you know that The Dinsor means “pencil” in Thai? This stationery holder has a very clean Scandinavian look that will complement Nordic or contemporary furniture.

You can get yours here.

Mini Sparrow Magnet Set (Assorted)

Even before I saw how they work and what do they do, we fell in love with these mini sparrows. Kids couldn’t stop gushing over them and went aww aww all the time. I mean seriously, they are such cuties.


and they are pretty handy because they contain strong magnet. These little sparrows will perch on iron instead and tirelessly hold your note at the same time.


See how my kids came up with the quick deco idea with Qualy Design’s unique and designer stationery? Stationery that is fun, of great quality and complete value for money…


How do you work on your stationery woes? Do share!

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26 thoughts on “No more stationery woes with this fun and functional stationery”

  1. They look super cute. Stationery organizer and table top decore pieces. Serves both the purpose.

  2. this is so cool. yes, my daughter too has hundreds o stationary but do not know how to arrange them. you have arrange it so beautiful and innovative way

  3. These are cute and adorable stationary holders! I am definitely checking them out as my kids desk desperately needs one!

  4. Wow this new age stationary storage is so cool. It is quirky and adds charm to desk.

  5. I still remember my childhood days when I was damn crazy about unique stationery items and till date the craze has not gone down. I am stickler for such stuff. Loved these stationery items that you have shared above.

  6. These are the best and most convenient solution to our stationary woes. Will surely try.

  7. I wish this was during my childhood too. Such cute and quirky options. I adore those sparrow magnets, I’m sure kids now enjoy their room and homework. Ps. Learnt 2 new words Dinsor and binky 🙂

  8. Wow, calls for a compliment for such an adorable stationary set, loved it can be arranged so systematically and can also act as a decor for kids!

  9. Wow great stuff and am sure it will keep kids glued to their study table with these cuties!

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