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My Lower Right Jaw got screwed …

Well, it simply means that I underwent Dental Implant at Elite Dental Clinic and successfully managed to resolve an issue that was pending for a long long time.

First of all, I “proudly” admit that I am quite brave when it comes to dental treatments. Have been getting it done since I was 5 years old and I have rich (pun unintended) history of filling up decays, extraction, root canal, crowns, bridges etc etc. But so-called brave person like me was definitely apprehensive when it came to Dental Implant Surgery. Thankfully, I consulted Dr. Gerald of Elite Dental Group and he relieved me of the bottle-neck of the teeth problem that I was facing for approximately 5-6 years.

This particular tooth in question was in my lower jaw and I lost it around 12-13 years back. During my first pregnancy, I royally ignored oral health among other pressing problems and the victim was this tooth. It had to be extracted. It’s neighbor got root canal and then there was this bridge that was fixed – so one natural tooth, one missing tooth and one root canal-ed tooth – all three got covered under this bridge. See this pic.


I must say that this bridge was quite sturdy and serviced me quite well. But…

What led me to consider Dental Implant Surgery?

The bridge done on 3 teeth like you saw in the above pic was not bad but since 5-6 years, I always thought that an outsider is sitting in my lower jaw and putting enormous pressure on it. Chewing was getting difficult, there used to be some sensitivity always. Overall, things were looking uncomfortable. I kept on ignoring it on one pretext or the other. I conveniently forgot that Oral Health is very important for overall health.


The breaking point came around a few months back when the bridge almost “collapsed”. I got this strange feeling that the whole thing is going to come out and I am going to be in terrible pain any moment.

Visiting Elite Dental Group and consultation with Dr. Gerald Tan

My first impression of Elite Dental Group was: Wow, this place looks very classy. Loved the ambience and how comfortable one can feel there.


This aquarium and the fishes soothes your mind instantly. To quench your thirst (and anxiety), here’s the Coffee machine. That hot Milo serves as a medicine itself.


Social Media buffs like me will simply adore this corner of Elite Dental Group.


Overall, the feel is like you are sitting in a cozy living room. Makes you feel very comfortable for sure.


Meet Dr. Gerald Tan – Dentist who is an expert at his craft. He explains the whole process in a crystal clear manner and leaves no room for any doubt.


Actually, I was always in two minds when it came to dental implants. Even after consulting 1-2 other dentists, I never really understood the concept of dental implant and whether I’ll be able to survive the pain. Dr. Tan very patiently offered comparisons between different types of implants, what in his experience will work the best for me and what to expect when one undergoes a dental implant. I must have asked all types of funny questions but he answered each of them. Dr. Gerald’s pleasant disposition puts the patient at ease and his friendly staff wins your mind with their helpfulness.

Right from the time, you enter the clinic to getting your x-rays done, consultation with Dentists, appointments and other admin things – all are handled professionally and promptly. I’m impressed!

And finally how Dental Implant Surgery went…


One day before, Dr. Tan did thorough cleaning of all the teeth to minimize chances of any infection post-surgery. They also prescribed probiotics. Probiotics for teeth? Yes, you heard it right. It allows all good bacteria to flourish and makes the healing process faster. New knowledge for me.


On the actual day, there were butterflies in my stomach. Even if I claim to be brave, of course, it was a surgery after all. I am so happy to tell you that all my fears proved to be BASELESS and the procedure was a cakewalk.

These amazing ladies did my “makeup”. Elite Dental Group is indeed thoughtful to apply lip balm on lips before the treatment. You must have experienced dry and chapped lips post surgery. I too have experienced in some of my last treatments but I didn’t get much cracks on the lips this time due to that lip balm.


Music time…because some patients can freak out during surgery due to the equipment’s’ sound…So headphone on. Though I took them off after some time. You have another preferred option to the dental implant surgery and that is of General Anaesthesia. I chose Local Anaesthesia though and it suited my perfectly well. No regrets!


After this, the numbing injections were given in the jaw, Dr. Tan did his job and DONE. I was anticipating pain, long duration etc etc but nothing of that sort happened. It was painless and smooth. They gave me gauze to hold between teeth for some time, prescribed anti-biotics, anti-swelling and anti-pain medicines and that was it. I was free to go home. I was free to eat food after some 2 hours and was allowed to resume dental care routine asap.

Point to be noted that after Dental Implant Surgery, some swelling, some discomfort is expected and is normal. My experience says that it vanishes in 2-3 days. Doctor called me for wound washing twice. Stitches to be removed after 4-5 days.

So, how does the lower jaw looks now?


The dental implant is a screw-like thing and that’s why I gave title of this post as “My Lower Right Jaw Screwed”.

What’s Next?

Well, after the surgery and in next 3-4 months, now instead of that old obsolete bridge, I will have one natural tooth, one root canal and one dental implant. Am going to get brand new crowns for those 3 teeth too. Easy to chew, easy to floss, easy to maintain, natural looking and long-lasting.

This is how I looked 3 days after my dental implant surgery at Elite Dental Group. No swelling, smiling-talking-eating all normal.


And that so-called complicated dental implant surgery that I was dreading for; happened like a breeze all thanks to Dr. Gerald Tan. Seriously, I was anticipating excruciating pain, was kind of prepared for it…But it was so very smooth that I didn’t even realize when it got over. My Dental Implant Surgery experience was like going for a SPA treatment. Kudos to Elite Dental Group!

Are you taking care of the oral health? Your teeth need your attention too… How’s your experience of dental treatments? Do share …

Elite Dental Group is located at:
1 Grange Rd, Orchard Building, #12-03, S239693
near Sommerset MRT

You can know more about Elite Dental Group and their services on their website.

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  2. Oh man, this would sound scary. Something about dental surgery just gets me more than other kinds. I’m glad you had a great experience, especially since most dental procedures are much needed!

  3. It seems Elite dental care is really amazing coz I saw people crying in pain after dental surgery. Thanks for detailed post.

  4. Preet@thevelvetlife

    I am glad you had a smooth procedure and experience, the clinic and the team look and sound great. I am very scared of dental procedures, a good dentist makes so much difference.

  5. I have some dental issues but never visited a dentist anticipating pain and tooth extraction! Your post has given me a lot of strength! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. My mom has just gone through the dental implant few weeks ago but there is no headphone on for her while the dentist perform the procedure and I am seeing her freak out like any timid child, even though she is in her 70’s. If I see your review now, I should have brought her to your dentist as I am also living in Singapore.

  7. I have always been scared of dentists. I remember running away from ne when i was a kid. It’s great that yours went like a breeze.

  8. Good to know about the services of Elite dental group and Dr. Tan. Tooth pain is really unbearable but good that you got a great service from them.

  9. Luckily i had to never visit a dentist. This place looks very nicely equipped with an expert dentist and it is obvious from the nice experience you had.

  10. I am so glad everything went smoothly and quickly for you. We too often think bad of dentists when you are proving it can be a more pleasant experience than you expected!

  11. I can very well correlate this case. My husband and I had few root canals to be done and dentist scare me ?
    Dental Implant is scary but your experience was superb. I love the overall dental room and service right from lip balm application to music. I’m so happy it all went well for you.

  12. Oh I am facing few dental issues and after reading this post gives me boost that I can also go and visit dentist soon

  13. I am glad you had such a good experience with the implant surgery. I am also a dentist and I have seen patients so anxious and stressed before the implant surgery. I am totally in love with this Dental Clinic and owning such a well furnished clinic is my dream. I just loved this post. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  14. babyandbeyondin

    I think the ambiance of the place and the doctor’s friendly disposition goes a long way in making you feel comfortable and alleviating any fears.

  15. This place reminds me of my Dentist Clinic in Austin. He had a big acquarium there. I am.glad your aurgwsu went well. It’s very important to find a reliable and easy dentist.

  16. Looks like you had a great experience with them. I too am a pro at getting dental procedures done and have had multiple RCTs. 😀

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