Unlimited Fun with Doob Bean bags

Exams are over, Parent-teacher meetings are over and June holidays have begun. Kids deserve to have gala time and parents can sleep a bit longer in the mornings. It’s the perfect time to get your Doob Bean Bag because everyone’s butt deserves better!

We just got our Doob Bean Bag and it’s creating riot at our home. 5 ways in which it’s raising the fun meter at my home, lemme tell you.


Mine, no it’s mine

Obviously the moment, Doob Bean Bag arrived, whose butt will sit on it was a million dollar question. Boy said that he gets to use first because he’s the baby of the house and girl said that she’s the first-born so it’s her right to use it first.

Lol, as parent, I always find it amusing to watch them argue. Such cute competition!


Finally, after much negotiations, this happened.


Row row row your boat

So far, I have always imagined bean bag as a static shaped object. But, Doob Bean Bag is a pleasant surprise because it can be positioned in several different ways. Actually, you can get as creative as you wish and turn it into a sofa, a mattress or a boat or anything…


I have seen my kids every day coming up with a new different style. Seriously, our Plopsta’ variety of Doob Bean Bag is truly a versatile.

Perfect Companion to read books

My daughter is a voracious reader. She loves to read books with complete focus and in one shot. I have spotted her many times, sitting cozily on the bean bag and lost in her world of books. In fact, I can see her focus is so good when she sits on Doob Bean Bag and reads her favorite books.


Statement piece in my living room

I must say that Doob Bean Bag has given a quick makeover to my living room. Living Room is a place that we see the moment we enter the home and I believe it really sets your mood. My kids head straight to the “bean bag corner” the moment they are back from school.

Hubby too finds his quiet-time-alone on my Doob Bean Bag.


Mama’s Me-moments with Doob Bean Bag

Frankly speaking, kids have hi-jacked Doob Bean Bag permanently! So when they are in school or tuitions, I quickly setle my backside on my Doob and enjoy some me-moments. How cool is this bean bag because it fits my shape perfectly. Also, I can easily move it wherever I want and just chill…


Another thing that we noticed is that Doob Bean Bag forms natural head rest, arm rest when you sit on it. That makes sitting on it so comfortable and relaxing…

So far we are finding Doob Bean sturdy and it’s going strong even after kids jumping and all the other messing around. It’s easy to clean. Just wipe and done. It’s spill proof. Child-safe too.

Not a single boring moment with our Doob Bean Bag, you know! Do you have a bean bag? How your family has fun with it? Do share. And if you don’t have one, believe me, it’s time to get one!

Have Questions? Check Doob Bean bag FAQ here. Visit their website here



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  1. This looks super comfortable and cute too! I would love to have these for ma and my kiddos!

  2. Bean bags are always so much comfy and fun. I like that it forms natural head rest and arm rest. It must be very comfy.

  3. I love Bean Bags! They are so cool , stylish, you can place them pretty much anywhere ?

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