Roses all the way with Vya Naturals

Roses are common in the skincare since ancient times. Ayurveda has always given significant importance to Roses as medicine too. Who can deny therapeutic benefits of roses? Relaxing the body, reducing the stress and promoting glowing skin – roses do all this. Rose petals contain natural oil and sugar which locks the moisture into dry skin cells. Thanks Vya Naturals for reminding me about Roses.

Vya Naturals has leveraged the amazing magic of roses and brought to us – Rose Balancing Face Scrub and Rose & Basil handmade soap.

Rose Balancing Face Scrub

Vya products are formulated using natural ingredients that are not only safe and nontoxic. Importantly they are also effective. All formulations are original, created by Vya. I loved the fact that they are tested on animals . Vya natural uses the therapeutic grade essential oil which is natural and plant-based. It also contains natural clays and plant based waxes. Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub and Rose & Basil handmade soap do not use Parabens , sulphate, artificial color, artificial dyes, artificial scent, phthalates chemicals, fillers, minerals oil or petroleum.



I used Vya naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub as a soothing face mask too. I mixed 1tbs of it with Vya naturals rose water (for oily skin)  or with yogurt (for normal and dry skin type) to form a paste. Then I applied as a mask on my clean face and kept it for 10 to 15 mins then scrubed off with moistened fingertips  in circular motion. Rinse it and pat the face dry – I am done and what’s visible is – Clean Refreshed Face. Some of my friends who used it too are finding their skin hydrated and supple n soft just like mine.

Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub is available on Amazon. Click here if you want to get yours today. Or check VYA Naturals website.



Rose and Basil Handmade Soap

Honest declaration: I love handmade soaps. So, when this Vya Naturals Rose and basil handmade soap came to me, I was very curious to review it. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoints. It actually rejuvenates your senses with the delicate fragrance of rose and basil combination. There are anti bacterial properties that deep cleanse the skin ,tone the skin and nourish the skin. Rose-Basil is a very unique combo I must say.

This aromatic and moisturizing bathing soap bar is made of all natural ingredients and is tenderly sliced by hand . Centifolia aka rose petals powder are mixed with shea butter,  coconut oil , sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, basil oil, castor oil to create this sumptuous cleanser with creamy nutty grits that gently polish the skin. Nice home SPA experience with it! nice lather too. It’s great buy for sure. Vya Rose and Basil Handmade Soap will last for 15 to 20 days.

Vya Naturals Rose and Basil Handmade Soap is available on Amazon. Click here if you want to get yours today. Or check VYA Naturals website.




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  1. This scrub sounds divine. My skin is very sensitive so I am always wary of using scrubs. This might suit me. ?

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