Oh Honey, Let’s go to Kosnica Cafe

Beautiful Sunday evening, CBD area, one handsome man with you and a vibrant cafe located in its by-lanes…The perfect setup to gorge on some waffles and gelatos!!! Recently I was lucky enough to enjoy this bliss.

The vibrant cafe that I mentioned is this:

and…the handsome man in question is:

Hubby was on office tour and girl was busy with her school stuff then this little man and me decided to have some honey-sweet time at Kosnica Cafe. It was a nice prelude to the Mother’s Day.

How we found this latest foodie spot in town, read on…

Honey, What’s special about Kosnica Cafe? Honey itself!

Kosnica Cafe is all about desserts. The peeps behind Kosnica decided to come up with an eco-friendly environment where we connect with Mother Nature while enjoying our desserts, after-all the freshest ingredients comes from her!

Kosnica’s love for promoting honey comes from the love for the ecosystem. If bees do not exist then there will be no plants, animals and the ecological balance will be disrupted . Therefore, maintaining a good ecologically-friendly dessert shop i.e. Kosnica Cafe allows to spread the education of apiculture.

Kosnica’s partner who supplies the most organic honey, Nanstian Group, is the world’s leader in apiculture, honey and propolis production and related products. Nanstian has focused on the bee industry for years, has extensive experience in farming and collection techniques.

Location, Ambiance and Service

Location is in the heart of CBD. Very near from Tanjong Pagar MRT – Convenient!

Ambiance – Very clean, neat, family-friendly, kids-friendly and bright. It sends positive vibes the moment you enter the place. It is bright and yet not overly bright. It is cozy to relax here and enjoy some precious time with your loved ones. Sitting chairs are very comfortable and put you at ease. There are these Honey Bee plush toys everywhere. They are so squishy that not only kids, you would love them too.

Service – Young, friendly, zealous. The staff took care of my son well and gave him candies. Great way to win kids’ attention. The staff also explained the menu and recommended some signature items. Probably, they can provide some more honey-related toys to kids.

Kosnica provided so many photo ops. When you visit this place, don’t forget to click loads of photos.

Rating: 9 /10

What we ate?

Kosnica’s Waffles are incredible so obviously we had BIG portion of it. Warning: Go empty-stomach or with lot of room in the tummy then only you can give complete justice to the food. The portion is very generous. 2 adults = 1 waffle according to me. Value for money to a tee, I would say. Waffles are made from buttermilk, red velvet or matcha. We opted for buttermilk. I am sure Red Velvet also must be a kill.

What’s waffles without a scoop or two of premium Gelato? The Gelato here indeed tastes like premium. 10 delish flavor to choose from. Our little man decided to go all chocolate – Duo Chocolate and Hazelnut Chocolate Rocher for us.

The waffles at Kosnica is just the way the waffles should be. That crisp, that taste they got 100% right. We super-loved it.

Gelatos had the texture that embraces and makes your taste buds happy.

I was doubting that since we were eating cold and sweet combo, will it affect our throats? Nope, nothing of that sort happened later.

Rating: 10 / 10

Boy settled for warm water (I have no idea why!) and I opted for this beauty. Made from strawberries, it tasted great.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Kosnica also offers Pies and tarts, coffee and other drinks. Check out their menu here.

All in all, we found Kosnica Cafe as an amazing place for some chilled-out moments with family, friends over warm waffles and cool gelatos. Do visit it!

More Info

Website | Facebook | Instagram 


61 Duxton Road,
Singapore 089525


MON – SUN : 1200 – 2200

Tel: +65 6904 4087

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  1. Hahaha! I was thinking of a romantic date with your hub when I read the beginning! Looks like little man and you had a great time ! Have to check this place out !

  2. It’s added bliss that your boy goes for water! Healthiest choice. Heh. The food is looking really sweetlicious!

  3. Oh my, m I drooling! Waffles, honey and gelato. All things fun and scrumptious. Looks like a great place to go with kids. The ambience looks warm & chìc ☺

  4. The way you reviewed it, i could literally taste and smell the yumminess there. Sitting here in Mumbai, I visited this amazing delight via you. Hats off

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