Jewel Changi in a Day: A Quick Itinerary for an Awesome Day Out

Jewel Changi Airport is more than just a travel hub. It’s also a nature-inspired lifestyle and entertainment centre that offers a unique opportunity to indulge in urban comforts and conveniences while being just a few steps away from thriving green spaces. With its blend of lush greenery, cutting-edge architecture, and a plethora of attractions, Jewel Changi provides an ideal destination to immerse yourself in the best of what Singapore has to offer—all in one spectacular location. Here’s how you can spend an awesome day in this location. 

Look for On-Going Events

As a premier lifestyle destination, Jewel Changi Airport often hosts various kinds of events. From May until August of 2024, for example, the Jewel is hosting the 2024 edition of Jewel Blooms: What A Feelin5. This floral display in Singapore features installations, floral arrangements, and interactive displays for an enchanting multi-sensorial experience amidst bright, colourful flowers. The event also features a special collaboration between Andy Eng, a Singaporean garden designer, and Megumi Shinozake, a Japanese floral artist. The result of their team-up will be featured in the Petal Garden.

Jewel Blooms 2024 stretches across multiple areas of the Jewel, including the Hedge Maze and Mirror Maze. There’s also a free-for-all flower display, which can be accessed at the Shiseido Forest Valley East Trail.

Visit the Rain Vortex

The HSBC Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and can be found right at the heart of Jewel. Cascading from a height of 40 metres, the Rain Vortex is a mesmerising sight, especially in the morning when the light filters through the glass dome and creates a stunning display of colours and reflections. Take a leisurely walk around the Shiseido Forest Valley, which surrounds the Rain Vortex, to be surrounded by the tranquillity of nature even amidst the bustle of the city. This indoor garden features walking trails, serene seating areas, and over 900 trees and palms. It’s a great place to bask in nature, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful start to your day.

Indulge in a Shopping Extravaganza

After soaking in the natural beauty around you, indulge in some retail therapy. Jewel Changi is home to a vast array of shops, from high-end fashion brands to local boutiques. Explore stores like Muji, Nike, and Uniqlo, or discover unique local products. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, electronics, or souvenirs, the shopping options at Jewel will keep you entertained for hours. Don’t forget to check out the Pokémon Centre, a haven for fans of all ages, and shop for exclusive merchandise you won’t find anywhere else.

Delight in Diverse Culinary Options

When hunger strikes, Jewel Changi doesn’t disappoint. The complex boasts an impressive selection of dining options to suit every palate. For a local taste, head to Violet Oon Singapore for Peranakan cuisine, where you can savour dishes like ayam buah keluak and laksa. If you’re in the mood for other countries’ specialties, try Shake Shack’s renowned burgers or indulge in a sushi feast at Sushi Tei. The food court, Five Spice, also offers a variety of affordable local delights and an excellent spot for a quick and tasty meal.

Go on an Adventure at Canopy Park

Post-lunch, it’s time for some fun and adventure. Head up to the Canopy Park on the top level of Jewel, packed with attractions perfect for visitors of all ages. Stroll through the Topiary Walk where you’ll encounter whimsical animal-shaped topiaries, or have some adrenaline-pumping fun at the Sky Nets where you can bounce your way across a giant net suspended high above the ground. If you’re visiting with kids, the Discovery Slides and the Foggy Bowls are sure to be a hit. Meanwhile, the Canopy Bridge offers breathtaking views of the Rain Vortex and the Shiseido Forest Valley below.

Relax at the Changi Experience Studio

After the excitement at Canopy Park, you can unwind at the Changi Experience Studio. This digital attraction offers interactive games and immersive shows that showcase the story of Changi Airport. Engage in a race against time at the Amazing Runway, challenge your friends in a singing contest, or simply enjoy the captivating multimedia shows that celebrate the innovations and history of Changi Airport. It’s an educational and entertaining experience that provides a deeper appreciation of one of the world’s best airports.

Dinner with a View

As the day transitions to evening, treat yourself to a delightful dinner with a view. Visit one of Jewel’s many restaurants that offer scenic vistas of the Rain Vortex. At the top level, you can find establishments like Burger & Lobster, where you can enjoy gourmet dishes while taking in the captivating night-time view of the illuminated waterfall. The ambience and the culinary delights make for a perfect dining experience, whether you’re with family, friends, or travelling solo.

Light and Sound Show at the Rain Vortex

Cap off your day at Jewel Changi with the spectacular Light and Sound Show at the Rain Vortex. This nightly event transforms the waterfall into a stunning visual and auditory experience, with lights and music creating an enchanting atmosphere. The show runs multiple times in the evening, so you can easily fit it into your schedule. Watching the illuminated water cascade down while synchronised with music is a magical experience that will leave you in awe.


Jewel Changi Airport truly presents the best of both worlds—blending nature’s serenity with urban sophistication. Whether you’re visiting solo, with family, or friends, Jewel Changi offers a diverse range of attractions and activities that cater to all ages and interests. So, the next time you find yourself within the vicinity, make sure to dedicate a day to exploring this architectural marvel and its myriad offerings.

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