Go for Gold Sustainably with this Ethical Fine Jewellery brand

Gold has a very special significance in our cultures whether it’s Chinese or Indian. Buying gold coins, chips and ornaments has been a passion, an obsession for many of us including our parents. With gold prices always following an upward trend, it’s a preferred mode of investment too. Nothing wrong in it and personally, I do have a good collection of gold thanks to my grandmother, mother and mother-in-law.

My issue with gold is something else. It’s the impracticality of wearing it on a day to day basis. The gold pieces that I own are either too eye-catching or too expensive that I just don’t feel secure when I wear them. Also, since these are traditional items, the fashion is not in sync with today’s style.

I have tried wearing other metals but the grandeur of gold is unmatched. Also, my skin is sensitive and online-bought jewellery though it was cheaper and fashionable caused redness, itching and rashes.

I was looking for gold jewellery that’s light on wallet, looks trendy, beautiful and easy to wear which is also made sustainably!! Is it even possible to get all these values in one brand? Thankfully, I came across Sachelle Collective and super-glad that I found exactly what I was looking for.

Sachelle Collective – female-founded brand

When the brand is founded by females, I know that I’m in safe hands because women know what women want!

Sachelle Collective adopts slower approach to fashion which helps to pay closer attention to longevity and timelessness of the jewellery. This approach is also helpful to ensure classiness, elegance and fine-quality of its jewellery.

Gold jewellery for today’s women

Personally, I love the designs that Sachelle Collective has to offer. They are dainty, exquisitely crafted and the best part – they match well with any outfit whether it’s work wear or party wear or casual.

Let me review a few items that I got from Sachelle Collective. It’s straightforward – Visit their website -> Choose your favourite -> Make payment -> Get it delivered.

A very special mention of the packaging. One word – it’s beautiful.

Monique 14K Gold Bracelet

Your flower dream comes true with this dainty bracelet that features eight chrysanthemum flowers welded on a thin curb chain.

Perfect for daily wear and suitable for any OOTD.

November Birth Flower Necklace

Sachelle Collective takes the birth month fashion a few notches higher with these necklaces. It’s an amazing collaboration with Canadian botanical artist and each pendant is exquisitely crafted with twelve signature blooms representing your birth month and unique personality.

It’s a perfect gift idea for yourself and your loved ones.

Victoria 14K gold drop earrings

Simple yet very classy, these earrings will remind you of a starry night sky.

The dangling design makes it quite an eye-candy I must say.

14K Gold Filled, Sustainable Jewellery

Sachelle Jewellery is 14K Gold filled with brass as a base metal. Using heat and pressure, 3-5% of real gold is bonded onto the base material. Result? Durable, scratch-resistant jewellery that looks like solid gold without the hefty price tag.

It’s also e-coated for extra protection against tarnishing and corrosion.

Fresh water pearls, cubic zirconia and other gemstones are used in different designs. All the materials are sustainably sourced. They are 100% recycled and conflict-free.

Sachelle Jewellery is nickel, lead and cadmium free and it’s suitable even for sensitive skin. Their in-house design ensures that the price is always right.

I will definitely suggest you all to visit Sachelle Jewellery’s website. They have wonderful choices of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets for today’s women who settles for nothing less than gold!

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