Trident Bliss Air and Surface Sanitiser for your peace of mind

Covid pandemic taught us one important lesson that we should never take cleanliness for granted! Harmful germs are all around us and we have to ensure that we keep getting rid of them as much as we can. Sanitiser is the term that everyone started to use from 2020 and it will remain to be an integral part of our lives. On our review table, we have Trident Bliss Air and Surface Sanitiser!

Read on to find how this gadget helps to keep our home sanitised and protected from the haze, smoke, pollen, and other indoor air pollutants.

Trident Bliss Air and Surface Sanitiser comes with smart-sensor technology

Trident Bliss comes across as a robust solution with its SAFE AIR DOME technology that effectively sanitizes air and surfaces. It’s ideal for creating a clean environment and works very well especially for bedrooms and bathrooms. Trident Bliss uses the latest advanced BIO-CAGE washable filters so no HEPA filter replacement is required.

5 Top features that you should watch out for

When it comes to air purifiers and air sanitisers, there are many brands in the market. These are the top 5 features that Trident Bliss offers that are truly impressive and will help to make a decision.

  • It offers comprehensive relief, addressing sinus issues, flu, and dust allergies.
  • It is a medical-grade device, proven to combat 99% of airborne threats in the air and on surfaces, including Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, which often affects children.
  • Trident Bliss helps to enhance health through fresh, safe air.
  • It maintains a cool room temperature
  • Very well-suited for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Personally, I found it very straightforward to use Trident Bliss. It comes with different timer modes (2h / 4h / 8h) and you can also adjust the angles and speeds.

Modes like Auto / Sleep are available and even an option of Wifi.

All-in-One solution

Trident Bliss Air and Surface Sanitiser is uniquely capable of killing viruses, offers a practical solution for Singaporeans seeking fresh, clean, and safe air.

It doesn’t cost a bomb and is compact in size.

Easy to maintain and super convenient to use, Trident Bliss is an all-in-one solution for Singapore homes.

Delivery, Returns and Customer Service

Trident Bliss offers free delivery at your doorstep and comes with a free 30-days return policy.

It offers superb customer service and you can get in touch with them even using WhatsApp.

Trident Bliss is trusted by over 12800 happy customers and is definitely one of the most popular choices when it comes to air purification and surface sanitation.

Head to Trident Air’s website for more information and purchase!

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