Laundryheap Review: Your Laundry Woes End Here!

Laundry is a common hassle for many homes. From clothes of various sizes and types to bulky items like blankets, curtains, and carpets, the process of washing and ironing can be quite challenging. Especially if you are busy working professionals and there are kids at home then laundry becomes a big pain. Even with the latest washing machines and dryers, many of us spend hours in doing the laundry then drying it, folding and then ironing! It’s a never-ending cycle. On top of it, we can’t ignore the fact that certain clothes need extra care and special type of cleaning. Is it even possible to find an answer to our laundry woes?

Thankfully, there is a solution to these laundry woes: Laundryheap! With Laundryheap, you can effortlessly end your laundry headache and that too in a very convenient way. Laundryheap puts things on our fingertips via their website and mobile app. Collection and delivery from and to your doorstep, Minimum turnaround time and affordable prices – Laundryheap makes our laundry life so much easier. Whether you are living in Singapore or you are staying in a hotel as a tourist, Laundryheap is for all.

Visit Laundryheap website / Download mobile app to get started!

Download Laundryheap App / Visit Laundryheap website to get started

To schedule the collection of your clothes with Laundryheap, you can choose from two convenient options:

Website: Visit the Laundryheap website on your computer or smartphone. Navigate through the clearly designed menu and locate the scheduling feature. Fill in the necessary information and submit it to schedule the collection of your clothes.

Mobile app: Laundryheap app is available on App Store as well Google Play. Simply download the app, open it, and follow the intuitive interface. Navigate through the menu to find the scheduling feature, enter the relevant details, and submit your request.

In both cases, by following these steps, you’ll be able to schedule the collection of your clothes with ease.

Choose your service and Schedule Pickup

Wide range of laundry services are covered by Laundryheap. You can choose from:

You can choose from weekend / evening slots. This option works amazingly well for office goers.

Pack Your Laundry

It’s important to pack your laundry properly. One bag per service works well so that the clothes are sorted correctly.

Wait for Pickup

Laundryheap ensures keeping their customers updated throughout the process. The multiple notifications and clear instructions certainly help in ensuring a smooth collection. Timeliness is crucial, and it’s wonderful that they prioritize that as well.

When the Laundryheap driver is nearby, you’ll notified. Driver will collect your laundry and will take it the cleaning facility.

Get Clean Laundry back at your doorstep

Sit back, enjoy and get your laundry delivered at your doorstep within 48 hours! Laundryheap service is very timely and we experienced no delays at all. Again, before they deliver, proper notifications are sent. If you are not going to be at home then it’s very straightforward to reschedule.

How was the wash service? Perfect! We received our laundry back clean, crisp and fresh. I will definitely give 10/10. We didn’t opt for ironing but the bedsheets still looked like as if they are ironed.

They don’t have any hidden cost. $40 is the minimum order. Each order is washed separately so our clothes are not washed together with other people’s clothes.

Laundryheap is indeed a fantastic solution for managing the piles of laundry at home / office / hotel stay. Their hi-quality service caters to all kinds of needs, whether it’s handling bulky items, delicate clothes, or special occasion wear. With their convenient and efficient service, it’s quite natural to opt for their service again and again. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that Laundryheap brings!

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