We Upgraded Our Laundry To Steigen Solar Pro and It’s the Best Decision!

Laundry! I can go on and on when someone starts talking about laundry woes. In our home of two working professionals and 2 school-going kids, the number of clothes we wash everyday is humongous. Add to that, bedsheets, pillow covers and other furnishings – we have to wash countless clothes!! In Singapore’s humid weather, it’s just not straightforward to dry clothes. In our condo, hanging clothes outside is not allowed too. That means we have to rely completely on indoor drying. We switched to automated laundry system from Steigen a few years back and are extremely happy users of Steigen Solar Ultra. As our kids are growing bigger, our needs for laundry are growing too. On top of it, post-pandemic, we have become even more cautious about the cleanliness of the clothes. Recently we upgraded to Steigen Solar Pro and it’s the best decision. Why? Read on.

Steigen Solar Pro Automated Laundry System makes life easy for busy families

Washing clothes and then hanging them is not a joke. Especially people like me who get motion sickness, looking up for long time to hang clothes gives nightmares. Also, for people with backaches or elderly people, it’s a daunting tax to hang clothes and then take them down after drying. Automated Laundry System of Steigen is a savior for families.

With the introduction of its new model, Steigen has taken the laundry drying experience quite a few notches up and that’s something customers like me will love! The latest Solar Evolution series is full of new features such as 60ºC Quad Core Solar Drying, 8-way Circulator Blower, Sol Ion™ for odour control, 8x bigger drying coverage and more for a better laundry drying experience.

Solar Pro is Zero-maintenance

When you decide to opt for Steigen’s automated laundry systems, they offer free assessment first. After your purchase, they install the system for you and after that, you can sit back and let Steigen Solar Pro do its job. It’s very convenient and completely hassle-free.

Improved Technology and Bigger Drying Coverage

Steigen Solar Pro comes with Quad Core Solar Drying. You have options to choose between 3 hours and 6 hours of Solar Drying. That is because you don’t need too much time for some clothes to dry.

With school-going kids and professionals at home, we sometimes need to wash and dry clothes ad-hoc and dry them as soon as we can. Steigen Solar Pro has bigger drying coverage and superior speed of drying compared to its previous models. They have added additional heater and blowers for speedy drying of clothes.

Remote Control + Mobile App

If you need to monitor your laundry, there are two ways to work with it – via remote control or mobile app. There are several cool features to activate multiple functions in fewer steps. For example: Feature of Inbuilt Ioniser and Dust Mite Repeller will be now automatically activated when Solar Drying feature is switched on. In previous model, we had to switch it manually.

Steigen Mobile App puts things on your fingertips when it comes to using the laundry. Many convenient features have become more accessible in the new model Steigen Solar Pro. There are some new cool features like pre-set feature for lowering and retracting heights, reduced noise disturbance, more silent motor are added. Steigen Solar Pro is compatible with Google Home as well.

Strong, silent, customizable

We find Steigen’s new model Solar Pro extremely strong and can easily bear the load of our heavy-duty blankets too. Another new model Solar Sonic is customizable and you can choose to add more poles and clips.

New models work silently and are equipped with Smart German technology to facilitate superior drying efficiency.

Steigen Solar Pro Gels beautifully with your home

New Solar models of Steigen are available in beautiful colors that will suit any home interior. Solar Pro is available in five amazing colors: White, Silver, Midnight Green, Midnight Blue and Eclipse while Solar Sonic comes in four colors: White, Silver, Blush and Graphite

We had to think really hard because all colors look very beautiful.

Your clothes will say NO to airborne allergens

Those of you who are allergic, Steigen’s new models prove to be a great news! Personally, I start sneezing if my clothes have any allergens. Thankfully, Steigen Solar Pro with its New Solar Ions provide relief from airborne allergens such as pollen, bacteria, dust mites, and other invisible odour-causing particles.

Mums like me who get panicky when clothes are not clean, or they have some odour can breathe a sigh of relief.

Our verdict: Will we recommend Steigen Solar Pro?

The answer is a resounding yes because we have been customers of Steigen for quite a few years and have never faced any issues with their automated laundry systems, their customer service and support. It’s a complete value-for-money proposition when you decide to purchase Steigen. With their new model Solar Pro, we are even happier because it looks so beautiful and is so strudy. Solar Pro does its job perfectly and silently, comes with a bunch of new features that are easily accessible via remote and mobile app. Our helper aunty also loves this model and our clothes? Well, they are very happy too – well-dried, cleaner and sans airborne allergens. We will definitely recommend Steigen Solar Pro for homeowners.

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