Laundry Has Been So Easy With Steigen Solar Ultra

What is the most dreaded chore for you when it comes to home? For me, it’s hanging and drying laundry without any doubts. I just never seemed to get it right and have always ended up with piles of clothes half-dried while some are still hanging in the yard and remaining waiting to be washed. What a vicious cycle that I was stuck into for years. All thanks to Steigen Solar Ultra, now my laundry routine has become so straightforward.


Laundry Woes

  • Hanging and drying laundry is a tricky affair. Especially for homes with kids – there are just too many clothes and we have to wash, hang and dry them every single day.
  • After washing the clothes, hanging them is a nightmarish affair for moms like me. It literally gives me headache, neck and back pain and dizziness because all these clothes have to be hung on the bamboo poles. Especially long length clothes like bed sheets.
  • Another big issue is the Indoor drying. In Singapore’s weather, there are so many rainy and humid days and that makes drying clothes very difficult. Half-dried clothes not only smell bad but take a long time to actually dry completely.
  • On top of it, if you have people with sensitive noses at home then they can easily get sneezes and runny nose if the clothes are not sun-dried.

All the above points were applicable to our home and when we shifted to our new home, I was really hoping to break away from this not-so-great laundry routine.

Our decision to get Steigen Solar Ultra installed in our home is proved to be such a savior! No more laundry woes.

Read on to find out more about Steigen Solar Ultra and how it changes the way you hang and dry clothes.

What is Steigen Solar Ultra?

In short, Steigen Solar Ultra is an automated laundry system. It eliminates the need for dryers / bamboo poles.

Steigen Solar Ultra is a true game-changer that takes up to three loads of clothings and comes up with built-in heaters that dry up the laundry very fast.


Its Ionic cleanse and dust mite repeller features are the best for people who
might have some allergies.

This automated laundry system comes with a remote control and mobile app.

Innovative Automation

We can now forget dryers or bamboo poles. Steigen’s range of automatic drying rack helps me to do laundry faster and easier. This nifty drying rack takes up to three loads of clothing with just a simple click on a remote. I don’t have to stretch my neck and hands to hang clothes anymore.

Steigen range of Automated Laundry racks comes from a team of homeowners who were searching for innovative options for their own homes.

Indoor Drying Made A Breeze

This game-changing piece of technology also comes with built-in heaters that quickly dries my laundry in any type of weather. Indoor drying is effectively possible with Steigen Solar Ultra I must say!

Steigen Solar Ultra optimizes power and performance at the touch of a button. Its Solar drying function is designed to focus heat uniformly around the clothes using high-performance circulators that draw in and redistribute hot air. This maintains a precise temperature required to dry clothes while consuming minimum amounts of energy.

Helps People with Allergies

Steigen Solar Ultra has an Ioniser feature that provides relief from airborne allergens such as pollen, bacteria, dust mites, and other invisible odour causing particles.

Energy Saver And Other Cool Features

I was apprehensive at first to install the Steigen Solar Ultra and was considering to go for a dryer. That’s why it’s extremely reassuring to know that:

  • Steigen models can save up to 9X energy consumption than a dryer. 1 hour usage is only $0.16.
  • We are able to place 3 full loads for drying upto 45kg capacity.
  • Smart German technology and superior drying efficiency
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Steigen Solar Ultra and other models in the range are designed to take up to 100,000 hours of continuous use simulating a life span of at least 10 years.
  • Easy operation with Remote Control and App.

Easily Fits In Every Home

I wasn’t sure whether Steigen automated laundry systems are too bulky and do they occupy too much of a space.

We are very happy to see that this sleek Laundry System fitted so well in our yard. In fact, there are many models in the range of Steigen Automated Laundry Systems and am sure there will be one for your home too – whether condo or HDB or landed.


Prompt Service, Smooth Delivery and Installation

It’s very straightforward to get Steigen Solar Ultra installed in your home.

Step 1: We arranged an on-site assessment with Steigen through 8877 0005. Alternatively you can select a time slot here.

Step 2: After you finalise the about the model you want to get for your home, it’s time to complete payment formalities and book an installation slot 2 weeks in advance. Installation is available from Monday to Saturday.

Step 3: Installation which is expected to complete within 2 hours.

We are thoroughly happy with Steigen Automated Laundry System of ours. Laundry has never been so easy. Will we recommend it other homeowners like us? Yes, 100%!

More Information and Special Promo Code

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Promo code is valid from now till 31st October.

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