I can walk comfortably 10000 steps a day in My Sunnystep

Walking 10000 steps a day has been considered a gold standard when it comes to fitness. Personally, I have been trying to clock 10000 steps almost every day because firstly, it’s the one of the easiest exercise that busy people like me and you can opt for and secondly, it does improve overall movement, flexibility and thereby health. When we are going for a long walk, our shoes have to be ultra comfortable. I have been using Balance Runner shoes from trusted local brand – Sunnystep and must say they make walking such a pleasure!

During pandemic, continuous work from home caused me an issue of borderline planter fasciitis and standing, walking for longer duration became too much painful. I also realized that my shoes were aggravating the pain. Sunnystep comes as a boon for people like me.

"I started Sunnystep with a mission to help people move freely and happily, starting from the most comfortable walking shoes we can make." - Ting, Founder of Sunnystep

As a customer, it reassures me that people behind the brand have gone through something similar when it comes to the need of using comfortable shoes.

Why I like Sunnystep shoes?

  • The very purpose behind Sunnystep shoes is to minimise stress to the feet and the body. The shoes indeed fulfil that purpose perfectly.
  • As a working professional, my day can get quite hectic and I have to be literally on my feet for 8-10 hours or even more sometimes. I find Sunnystep extremely comfy for walking, standing even for long hours.
  • Sunnystep shoes look beautiful. The versatile modern look also makes them an everyday wardrobe essential.
  • Sunnystep has incorporated an innovative insole technology to ensure that the stable arch support does not sink over time. The shoes come with acupressure massage points to alleviate muscle strain. There is extra gel cushioning at the heel and the ball of foot to provide more stability and comfort.
  • Sunnystep shoes are soft and super lightweight. They are blister-free, water-resistant, breathable and easy to clean. Once I was walking back home and suddenly it rained but I didn’t have any slippery feeling with these shoes on. They didn’t get spoiled too.
  • With some shoes, I feel the front part of my feet is getting squeezed! Thankfully, Sunnystep has a wider front with enough room for the toes to wriggle. Love this feature!

I have been using Sunnystep shoes for quite a few days already and have used it for walking, running, commuting. On all these occasions, I haven’t got any chance to complain about them – no shoe bite, no redness or swollen feet after prolonged use, no pain or feeling of suffocating feet. Am I a happy user? Yes, I must say yes!

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