Insider Advice For Those Who Are Influencers Or Want To Become One!

In the world of Social Media Influencers, howmuchever attractive it might look like, there are certain points you should always keep in mind and keep reiterating to yourself. Writing what I am personally doing / trying to do.

We made this site a full-fledged functional site around 6-7 years back. Before that we were already running some big Facebook groups for Singapore users and this site was a natural progression for us. Our Instagram and SocialMediaMomSG initiative happened after that and before even we knew, we were “Social Media Influencer”!

Now Influencer industry is a billion dollar industry. I often get queries about how to become Influencer? is it just taking pics and posting? how to get “free” products and so on.

First of all, let’s debunk some myths. There’s nothing like free products. Content creation is not as easy as it sounds. It’s like writing, directing and acting in your own movie!

Read on if you are an influencer or want to venture into this world or all those who are watching us from outside.

📌It’s all fickle! Enjoy while it lasts but don’t take it so seriously until the level that tag “Influencer” changes your core, your “original you”.

📌There are a lot of efforts involved. You need passion, you need creativity and you need patience and perseverance. The moment you start getting frustrated about the results, rethink and reassess and change the course of action if needed. Influencer is not the only career choice neither that’s the only hobby one can have.

📌Focus on your content!! It’s good to browse through others’ Instagram but there’s absolutely no need of any comparisons like why this one got this and why I didn’t get, her/his life is so much better than me etc etc. The moment we get into that zone, believe me it’s going to tamper with your mental health big time!

📌Ask yourself: Why are you an influencer or why do you want to become one? Is it your bread and butter or do you want to pursue it as your passion and hobby. This clarity is very crucial because then you can build your profile accordingly. Example: for me, it’s always been more of a passion project.

📌Commercials: This is really a tricky area that probably deserves another post and though there are some guidelines (use search engine if needed), I don’t think we can really be too stringent about it.

📌Social Media Influencing is all about virtual presence! There’s reality which needs more of our attention. Isn’t it great if we could influence more people in real life too?

I would love to share more about the Influencers World. Let me know what you want me to cover.

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