Geneco’s #PowerToChange campaign for enabling vulnerable youth to live #HappilyEverAfter

Days are flying and can you believe there are only 47 days left until Christmas Day? Decorations are already up at many places and it is time to get into the festive mood and season of giving and cheerfulness..

Geneco, Singapore’s number one residential electricity retailer is ushering in the season with the launch of its #PowerTheChange campaign to give back to the community by creating a #HappilyEverAfter for vulnerable youth and children through the arts.

Photo: Cover and inserts of The Little Green Heroes

Geneco has collaborated with 3Pumpkins in creating an engaging e-book titled “The Little Green Heroes” that is co-illustrated by the children at 3Pumpkins and voiced by famed tv host and emcee Kelly Latimer.

In the e-book The Little Green Heroes use their special powers and brave the strong and big Trash Monster. After a challenging fight these heroes save the day, and create a happily ever after ending for this adventure with a strong message – that each of us has the ‘power’ of making a change starting with a simple green act, which collectively can go a long way in saving our environment.

We should remain vigilant and always encourage a sustainable mindset to ensure a ‘happily ever after’ not just for us, but for our future generations as well.

Photo: The illustrators behind the The Little Green Heroes

With this year’s Geneco #HappilyEverAfter festive campaign, the aim is to raise awareness about a sustainable mindset while raising a minimum of $15,000to support 3Pumpkins in their initiatives. Donations are welcome via the crowdfunding charity, Ray of Hope, or on Geneco’s festive #HappilyEverAfter site.

The e-book available here for the public.

It’s a great read and engaging story that can be listened to or read to the younger generation. For parents and educators, it is also a great opportunity to elaborate on the importance of sustainability efforts. It reminds us that a combined effort can go a long way!