In conversation with: DJ Gerald Koh on His Parenting Experience

We recently had an e-interview with DJ Gerald Koh of 987FM AKA Boy Thunder. He is a first-time parent too and we wanted to get some glimpses of his parenthood journey so far. Read on!

How’s it like being a parent? Do you miss your “carefree” days?

Oh my, yes I do miss my carefree days of sleeping in on weekends and having a late night movie date haha! All that is a thing of the past haha but I guess there are other things that I look forward to with my baby! Being a parent for close to 11 months now has been quite rewarding. Watching the little one grow from not being able to support herself sitting, to watching her run with her walker is very exciting!

Parenthood in pandemic – What are the challenges you faced and how you overcame?

Gemma has been a homebody during her first few months of her life haha! We just had to be extra careful with taking her out, or even meeting friends. But our friends were very understanding, making sure that they self test before they came over to our place. But of course covid still did knock on our door, and it was quite a tough time for us. Especially when everyone in the household caught it together. But we still managed to steamroller through the diaper changes with both wife and I spiking a 39degree fever!

What is your parenting style? Do you have one or you like to explore it hands-on, learn from your mistakes and improve?

I’m not sure if we’ve gotten there yet because Gemma is still just 10months old and may not even understand if we were to say no to something that she has done wrong. But I am quite firm with the idea of having my child be disciplined by me and not anyone else. I’m sure the same goes for my wife too. But we plan to take on the good cop bad cop approach  

Any funny and scary experiences/incidents you would like to share.

Nothing much so far other than a couple of massive blow out experiences, and having to change her diaper at the boot of the car, or on the table of a restaurant because we just had to.

In one word, if you have to sum up your parenthood journey so far, what will be the word? Also any message for parents?

Sleep. It’s either the lack of it, or a kind reminder to remember to do it amidst the chaos! Enjoy parenthood and take lots and lots of pictures and videos!

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