5 Best Virtual Reality Games For Your Kids

Want to experience a different reality? Well, you can’t but Virtual Reality (VR) is the closest thing to it!

In VR, players interact with an immersive 3D environment that is created by studios like this 3D animation Singapore company. To make it more realistic, VFX studios will also add special effects to the animation. 

With how immersive they are, VR isn’t just reduced to gaming. You can even use them for educational tours, like this VR project taken on by a VR company in Singapore!

While they can be pricey, a VR headset and console is all you need to explore different VR activities with your kids. Whether it’s games, educational books or virtual art, VR does it all. 

VR is also a great way to bond with your kids. Who says fun needs to have an age limit? In fact, most adults would enjoy the games in this list as well. Moreover, VR games have proven to be quite the workout so that’s an added plus if you find your kids dreading exercise. 

Without further ado, here are our top 5 recommendations for the best VR games to play with your kids! 

Ghost Giant 

A narrative-driven experience, Ghost Giant is perfect as the first VR game for your kids. It’s not too long with only three to five hours of gameplay. However, it offers a rewarding game and storytelling experience, with wholesome themes of friendship and love. 

In the game, players play as a friendly ghost giant. They’d have to help out a young child named Louis in his various chores and errands throughout his quaint town. Players will need to solve puzzles and come up with creative solutions to solve Louis’s problems.

With excellent sound design and visual graphics, Louis’s town comes to life right before your eyes. It was also intended to resemble miniature cardboard towns created by children, which explains its boxy look and charm. The game invites players to look at the world through the eyes of a child; one that’s filled with wonder and curiosity. For kids who love puzzles and exploration, this game is the one for them! 

Price: US$24.99

Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs 

Angry birds is a game most kids are familiar with and now they can play it on VR! 

Since the gameplay is very similar to its mobile and PC, the VR edition would feel very intuitive for existing players. Even for new players, the gameplay is simple and easy to learn. Players just have to launch their birds on a slingshot to destroy the pigs. Based on their performance, they’ll be rated according to a three star system. 

While the game initially started with only 52 levels across 4 different worlds, it has since added 52 more spooky-themed levels. Players can also create their own custom levels or visit the levels created by other players. The game’s new expansion also means there’s more to play with and that’s always good news! Indeed, players will be getting their money’s worth since the game is frequently updated with free new content. 

There are no limits to how a player can topple the pigs, which makes it endlessly creative! Since its launch in 2009, the game is still running strong with the entertainment it provides. 

Price: US$10

Astro Bot Rescue Mission 

A platform game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is one that will captivate both kids and adults. In Astro Bot, the name pretty much explains the gameplay.  Players play as Astro Bot, who’s on a mission to rescue his crew, which are scattered across five worlds. 

The game is very easy to play since only 2 controls are required: hit and jump. Hence, it’s easy to understand for kids but the immersive gameplay is something everyone will enjoy. It’s delightfully cute and the game even makes use of 3D sound for you to detect your lost crew, which creates a more realistic experience. There are also hidden levels for you to unlock if you find a space chameleon!

Moreover, the game looks amazing with its crisp graphics so the game looks sharp and vibrant. Taking players from icy snowscapes to aquatic adventures, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a VR must-have!

Price: US$20.99

Walkabout Mini Golf 

Kids may yawn at the sound of golf but Walkabout Mini Golf will prove them wrong. It’s believable with the game’s physics feeling like what would happen in an actual golf course. The game also takes you to golf courses that you will never find in the actual world. 

The game is simple enough to understand; hit the golf ball until it enters the hole. Unlike other golf games, Walkabout Mini Golf makes it hassle-free for players. Without having to toggle with any settings, the game automatically adjusts the golf club to the player’s height when they push it to the ground. The easy mechanics make it beginner-friendly and suitable for kids playing VR for the first time. 

To keep the gameplay entertaining, players can also search the golf course for lost balls which they can add to a collection and use when selecting a ball for a game. This feature encourages players to explore and interact with every hidden nook and cranny. It may sound simple but you might just find yourself lost in this task and neglect golfing. 

Price: US$14.99

Beat Saber 

Dance to any song you want with Beat Saber! You might have seen this game floating around in your online feeds and its popularity is warranted. Players get to wield a neon light saber and slash away. To gain points, players have to slash cubes on beat and dodge obstacles. 

The gameplay is fun for anyone but especially music lovers. Just imagine your kids dancing to BLACKPINK while you slash to the beat of the Backstreet Boys. It’s also easy for players to take turns since one session only lasts a song. To watch the game, simply connect the VR feed to a PC or a television and it’ll be perfect for family game nights! 

Price: $29.99 

We hope you’ll enjoy these 5 VR games with your kids, have fun!

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