I shopped for this Ethical Luxury brand and there’s no looking back now!

When it comes to shopping, I am consciously switching to brands that have sustainability at their heart. From sourcing materials to manufacturing process to retailing it to consumers – all this while donating a part of their profit to the communities that need the most – such brands appeal me so much because they are good for the planet. I am sharing about Anothersole in this article.

Shoes and more

I was looking for shoes and wanted to get a pair that will treat my feet well. No discomfort, no shoe bite and soft as a cushion – honestly it’s not that straightforward to find shoes that tick all these points. While browsing online, I came across Anothersole website and tada! I found what I wanted and more.

Anothersole offers a great range of shoes and bags. I love the way their website is organized and provides clear look and feel. Once you visit their site, its aesthetics won’t let you navigate away.

Leather Shoes with a difference at Anothersole

I have been using Anothersole shoes for some time and can tell you that these are dream shoes that we all are always looking for. These shoes are made of High Quality Leather and there’s no uncomfortable lining. Just perfect for everyday and available in more than 150 colors. Yes, you heard it right! So much variety.

Do you know? When sourced and produced ethically, leather is a natural and biodegradable material that makes use of products left over from the food and meat industry. Anothersole uses ethically sourced leather to make shoes.

Anothersole shoes are available in following categories to choose from:

  • Classics
  • Luxury
  • Metallics
  • Neutrals
  • Prints
  • Ribbons
  • Special Edits

I was so confused as to which ones to get. Finally zeroed on this beautiful Stella – Rose

Five solid reasons why I love Anothersole shoes:

  1. Made with 100% milled bovine leather
  2. Wide, cotton ribbon-laces to add a splash of romance.
  3. Ideal for the working woman like me who’s always on-the-go
  4. Breathable sports footbed that gently disperses the impact of every step you take, every flight you climb
  5. Durable

Anew Mini Bag – made with 100% recycled plastic

First things first, Anew Mini Bag is one super versatile bag. You can use it anywhere everywhere – as a lunch bag or for a quick outing with your friends or to keep smartphone and other accessories. You can carry it as a handbag / shoulder bag or cross-body.

Another very very important reason why I fell for this little beauty – it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. So when I use it, I know am advocating sustainability.

It’s a great plus that it looks beautiful, is machine-washable and flexible + durable.

There are as many as 9 colors to choose from and I chose this: ANEW Mini Bag in Pink Black.


Anothersole commits 10% of their profits to improving the lives of children in need, around the world. Through carefully selected charities that benefit children directly, Anothersole helps to build sustainable communities in which children can thrive.

Will I buy Anothersole shoes and bags again? Yes, 100%!!! Also, it’s a great gift idea for your loved ones. Do check out.

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