Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Review: Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Heads up those of you who are looking for a solid and fuss-free performer to cleanse your home! Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner FC9728/61 might just be the right Vacuum Cleaner for you.

Read on! We review this cool gadget in this post.

Philips Green Logo for Sustainability

Sustainability is of paramount importance for our planet and for our kids and that’s why we prefer to use products that exude similar ethos. Philips Green Products can reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions by offering a significant environmental improvement in one or more of the Philips Green Focal Areas – Energy efficiency, Packaging, Hazardous substances, Weight, Recycling and disposal and Lifetime reliability.

Exclusive PowerCyclone technology from all-time-trustworthy Philips

We have been using Philips products for generations and coming from them, this product already has that double-assurance in our minds. Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has an exclusive PowerCyclone technology that quickly accelerates air in the cyclonic chamber to separate out dust. This technology facilitates exceptional cleaning results.

It picks up and locks 99.9% of fine dust!

TriActive nozzle

Its TriActive Nozzle is excellent for optimal cleaning on all hard floors especially on parquet and tiles. Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has special soft brush whose hair protect the floor against scratches. Also, its soft bristles ensure maximum dust collection on all hard floors. TriActive nozzle is lightweight and easy to navigate.

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner makes it Easy to empty dust bucket

Personally I found this feature very good because it’s easy to empty dust bucket even with one hand. No complicated mechanism there! It’s effortless due to its unique shape and smooth surface and dust is collected at one side of the bucket and evenly glides into the dust bin.

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has Lifetime washable filter and Great design

This vacuum cleaner has a foam filter that can be easily washed under the tap water for life-long performance. Also it has a design that ensures great maneuverability of the vacuum in every nook and corner. Comes with 2-years World-wide warranty.

EPA10 Clean Air system

Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner’s EPA10 filter and AirSeal do a very good job of capturing the finest dust particles!! It’s Allergy H13 filter is an amazing good news for allergy-prone people because it catches dust including pollen, pet hair and dust mites.

Full performance + Less energy consumption + Powerpacked features = Philips PowerPro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Get yours here!

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