Disinfect Effectively with Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp

Before 2019, who would have thought that we have to disinfect our homes regularly? Disinfection process for me was limited to thorough mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning – that’s it! But no thanks to Covid-19, now we are pulling out all the stops when it comes to cleanliness and sanitization of home going beyond usual methods.

We had heard of UV-C protection before and during pandemic even more but were not sure about how it works, is it effective and whether it’s harmful in any ways. When my friend recommended me to check out Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp, we did our research and got one for our home. It’s always reassuring to buy Philips products because my grandparents and parents have always trusted this brand and now we are following the suit.

We are using Philips UV-C desk lamp regularly now for quite some time and must say that effectively deactivates viruses, bacteria, molds and spores, in a matter of minutes. Read on to know more about this disinfectant gadget.

Do you know?
There are no known micro-organisms resistant to UV-C, including Covid-19.

Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp: Disinfection based on Technology

Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp is by Philips and that gives a lot of peace of mind to consumers. Philips has 35+ years experience in UV-C lighting. They possess strong application expertise in this field. This gadget is a result of years worth of lab tests.

Philips UV-C light sources have shown powerful disinfection impact and in laboratory tests, it is shown to reduce SARS-CoV-2 virus’ infectivity on a surface to below detectable levels in just 9 seconds. It’s the same virus that causes Covid-19. Overall, most bacteria and viruses tested to date respond to UV-C disinfection.

The high quality of the Philips UV-C tube and dedicated driver design helps maximize the disinfection effectiveness. This makes Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp a great disinfection gadget for homes.

How to use Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp?

It’s really very easy and convenient. The voice guidance is clear to understand. Built-in sensors and timers work very accurately according to our experience. They also provide an added layer of protection for you and your family.

Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp is simple and straightforward to use. It has an intuitive control panel with only 2 buttons: power and time button. Fuss-free operation! Once you plug it in, voice guide will take you through remaining steps.

Watch this video for more detailed instructions.

Motion Sensor

UV-C rays can harm eyes and skin and that’s why you should start disinfection routine and then let it continue behind closed doors. Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp has built-in motion sensor that detects movements of people and pets and immediately locks the product. So just in case, kids or pets accidentally enter the room while disinfection is ON, motion sensor will ensure the process is halted.

Built-in timer of Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp

This is another perfect feature where the built-in timer shuts down after disinfection cycle and goes back to lock stage.

Suggested typical usage: 45 mins for living room, 30 mins for bedroom and 15 mins for washroom.


  • Disinfect your home from germs
  • Simple to Use
  • Motion Sensor
  • Fast disinfection
  • Expertize of Philips
  • Dedicated driver design for maximum effectiveness

We all deserve to protect ourselves, our family and home from harmful germs and that’s why disinfection devices like Philips UV-C Disinfectant Desk Lamp are much essential. Get yours here!

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