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Women’s Day Special: 6 Women-led businesses in Singapore that we should support

International Women’s Day is here and to celebrate the occasion, we have a special feature. Presenting 6 women-led businesses in Singapore that are run by amazing lady bosses. Read on and support their ventures.

They all run businesses of varied niches and still the common thread is the passion, the hard work and the creativity, juggling they put in their ventures.

Alia Tan of Brod&Paj

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls!!! Alia Tan of Brod&Paj churns out tempting cinnamon rolls. She wanted to share healthy simple recipes and gardening experiences. One day, she made vegan cinnamon rolls and posted it on her Instagram account . Friends and families asked about it and that’s how it all began.

Why Vegan-friendly Cinnamon Rolls and How they are different from the rest?

Alia says that her kids love cinnamon rolls, and she wanted to give them a less sinful treats. That’s how the idea of vegan-friendly cinnamon rolls originated.

Use of healthy oils and 50% less sugar are the highlights of Brod&Paj Cinnamon rolls.

They are all natural and contain no artificial colouring. Another unique ingredient they use is turmeric that gives the rolls an added pop of colour. Also syncs with their new branding.

Business means hurdles and overcoming them

The toughest obstacle Alia faced was delivery of Cinnamon rolls.

Outsourcing delivery is never cheap and also at times not easily available. Fortunately, Alia’s family steps in to help.

Words of wisdom

Alia says that there’s no perfect product. Entrepreneurs have to ask for feedback and have an open mind to receive criticism. This will help us to think better and grow.

Never give up! Keep trying, eventually we will find our way.

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They are also available for sale on @pacquetz app.
Brod&Paj kitchen is located at 80 Changi Road, #02-47. At the moment, they only accept online orders.

Joyce Tan of JTMuses

Joyce has an illustrious career spanning 3 decades in the lifestyle and hospitality industry where she has positioned brands and spearheaded publicity and marketing promotions in both the private and public sector in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam. What’s fascinating however is the fact how she is reliving her passion in her fifties.

It’s the same Joyce who is also a bona-fide artist who has held two exhibitions. She teaches and mentors artists with autism and is a selected vendor with the I’mable Collective, SG Enable. Joyce has successfully branded her own art-inspired kitchen gifts on garnering five-star reviews.

Joyce started oil painting in 2015. Her oil paintings were exhibited at the 2016 Angelico Art Award. In 2017, her work was showcased in two exhibitions at the Singapore University of Technological Design (LIVING @55) and the Chinatown Heritage Centre where she storified on mixed media Chinatown and edenic moments of the past.

Joyce’s wares retail at the Chinatown Heritage Centre and Singapore Visitor Centre @Kim Choo Kueh Chang (Katong & Joo Chiat) for the past 3 years.

Words of wisdom

The visual arts are very personable, one either likes it or hates it! If you’re interested in being an artist and making some income out of it – go for it – paint yourself happy – if it’s something that you enjoy doing and are passionate about, join collectives and networks which enable people to come together to work together for a cause.

You also need lots of tenacity and help from friends to bring things to fruition.

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To find out more about Joyce’s ventures and works under The Muse Project, check out her store here.

She runs e-commerce shops at

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Grace of Lenicc Eyewear

Grace’s Lenicc Eyewear is the amalgamation of Science and Fashion and aims to increase awareness of the need for wearing protective and stylish sunglasses each time you step into the light.

Specially selected and sourced, the elements, that are used to create their customizable sunglasses need
to be light, durable, and comfortable. The materials used for manufacture are less toxic and more biodegradable than standard choices.

While providing stylish eye protection to their customers, they give back to help the less privileged in rural villages of India to regain their eyesight through needed operations.

What Prompted Grace to start Lenicc Eyewear?

In 2018, when Grace was traveling in Rome, her pair of sunglasses from a high street brand did not do their job correctly and under the glaring Roman summer sun and dark grey surroundings, her eyes were tearing up and she experienced headaches. Idea was born in her mind to find a solution that would help people protect their eyes better.

For their frames, Lenicc Eyewear cellulose acetate natural plastic that is light to wear and long-lasting. For the lenses, they are UV-protective, polarised CR-39. Lens have a layer of anti-glare coating to give eyes maximum visual impact and comfort. Using stainless steel for the arms lessens tarnish and retains a sparkling shine.

Starting with a simple idea — to custom design high-quality sunglasses that fit comfortably -we found the sweet spot at the intersection of haute couture and personalization.”

Grace NG Huiying

Words of wisdom

Do not be afraid and leap with faith as you don’t need to get everything figured out to do so.

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Daphne of Kate & Avie

Daphne’s passion for color in fabrics and a strong desire to leave a legacy for her children led her to sewing quilts for her children. Unique cushion covers to sewing simple and comfortable cotton dresses, Daphne channelized her love for her children and grandchildren to pursue her passion for sewing.

Kate & Avie brings you seasonal collections of home decor products and children’s wear.

Social Enterprise

Kate & Avie supports Tohe, a Vietnam based Social Enterprise that teaches street kids art and transposes them on a range of canvas products. Photo shows one of the many beautifully crafted products.

Also Daphne works with Singapore community members to raise awareness about sewing and to inculcate basic sewing skills via #SewInLoveProjectSG. Her art installation is currently installed in Sengkang Library.

Workshops and more

Summer Haze Quilt Workshop. Come learn the simple technique of HSTs to form this beautiful design.
Art Gallery Fabrics come with Oeko Tex Standards 100 certification. That means no harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing of the fabric.

Words of Wisdom

Daphne says that we all need to support local through collaborative partnerships and marketing. Support community with your business. The market is big enough for everyone to thrive passionately running their business.

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Manisha, Santwana and Minal of AWADH

Running a restaurant is not easy and it takes lot of blood and sweat to make it a popular choice. AWADH located in the heart of Orchard Road serves North Indian fare – to be specific – it specializes in Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow, India.

Trio behind AWADH

AWADH is the brainchild of three friends Ms. Manisha Kishore who is a Psychologist by profession, Ms Santwana Shrivastava Jauhari who is a teacher by practice and Ms. Minal Jadhav – a software Engineer. This is their first entrepreneurial journey and has been the most gratifying experience.

AWADH aims at keeping the Awadhi flame burning because this type of cuisine is a work of art and has its own rich heritage.

AWADH takes pride in its best set of chefs straight from Lucknow, India who have mastered the dying art and are focused on offering the authentic taste of the Lucknawi cuisine to Singapore patrons.

Singaporean Gastronomical community is always generous and supportive to encourage authentic flavors and they already recognized the supreme taste and innovative underlining concepts of the Awadhi/Lucknawi cuisine.

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Seema Singh of Coding Giants

When adversity presents opportunity

Seema Singgh is a mother of two lovely daughters and she’s a qualified lawyer. When she moved to Singapore with husband in 2006, she entered the corporate world of the oil and gas sector as a legal advisor.

Unfortunately, there was a major setback in 2017 when the oil and gas industries nearly collapsed around the world. It did not spare Seema, and the company where she worked as a Legal Counsel declared bankrupt, and the entire staff was laid off. This is when Seema realized that nothing in life is stable and we all must prepare for the worst phase of our lives. 

Why Seema partnered with Coding Giants?

Seema wanted to start a venture that push her limits while contributing to the society. This led her to partnering with Coding Giants.

Coding Giants is founded in Poland and it’s Europe’s largest international school. Here in Singapore, Coding Giants offer online and physical coding classes to children. While most schools teach nearly identical programming content, Coding Giants has several features distinguishing it from the competition

Coding giants is a Microsoft Global Education Partner. This means effective and advanced support and development of children’s and our teachers’ digital abilities. They provide certificates upon completion of each course – with Microsoft logo! This brings reliability and credibility to kids” learning. It means effective and advance support and development of digital abilities among kids.

Coding a future skill and that’s why kids should learn it today! Coding Giants currently operates more than 120 facilities around the world.

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Enroll your kids for Coding Giants classes

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