Sudio E2 Review: Sudio’s latest is here with Ladd+ Wireless Charger

I am always waiting for Sudio’s latest models. Many reasons for this like I want to gift it to someone or my husband needs it or my kids are eyeing it for their tablets. I just started to use Sudio E2 and just like all other models, Sudio’s latest also makes me a happy user [once again] and this time, the FREE gift during this launch period is also super cool i.e. Sudio Ladd+ wireless charger.

If you have used Sudio Ett, then its time to welcome its successor Sudio E2! Sudio’s new flagship product is now available for purchase at their official website. Sudio E2 retails in Singapore at S$179 with 3-year warranty. I find this price very attractive considering its power-packed features. Enjoy 15% discount at checkout when you use promo code

I have used Sudio Ett and quite liked it. So I was quite curious to try its successor – Sudio E2 and just like other Sudio products, it’s a cool new addition to my Sudio army.

Sudio E2 Colors

Sudio E2 is available in 4 beautiful colors – Chalk, Electric Grey, Black and Jade. I had to think really hard because all colors seem to be so tempting. I finally settled for chalk. What a lovely color and the shiny gold accent makes it look very classy.

How to operate?

It’s quite effortless and fuss-free to use Sudio E2. Wear it and then tap once on either of the earbuds to play or pause. You need to tap twice on right earbud to skip forward and skip backward with left earbud. Three-taps will let you adjust the volume [Volume up with right earbud and down with left earbud].

I also explored the new feature of these earbuds called Spatial Audio by Dirac which can be activated by press-holding left earbud. Spatial sound enables you to hear three-dimensional audio.

Sudio E2 Battery Life and Performance

The stats that I see here are impressive. Battery lasts around 6.5 hours if ANC and Spatial Audio are disabled. It’s 5.5 hours with ANC ON, and 4.5 hours with both ANC and Spatial Audio ON.

The charging case adds up to 30 hours which is a savior for people like me who forget to charge regularly. Also, a 10-min quick charge adds to listening time by 2 hours.

Sound Quality

Technology like Spatial Audio by Dirac ensures we get a quality like great stereo speakers. VividVoice microphone system and Hybrid Active noise cancellation facilitate isolating our voice from the surrounding noises and then cancels the background noises actively so that other parties and we focus on the conversation. I find Sudio E2 quite good for online meetings too. Music sounds sweeter too. Overall, the sound quality is comparable and even better than some other similar-ranged earbuds.

Feature Summary

  • Hybrid Active noise cancellation
  • Spatial Audio by Dirac
  • VividVoice microphone system
  • Wireless charging
  • 10 minutes fast charging for 2 hours use
  • Available in 4 colors: Chalk, Grey, Black and Jade

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