10 New Year Resolutions That We All Must Make And Should Not Break

Hola amigos! Happy New Year to you all and we curated a list of 10 New Year Resolutions that will make our year and life more fulfilling and wholesome.

We could have added a lot of items to this list but it’s good to start with a doable to-do list that’s why just 10 for now.

10 New Year Resolutions for Positivity

  • Ditch one bad habit – be it binge-eating / binge-watching / binge-gossiping
  • Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude – Be thankful for everything you have – however small or big thing is.
  • Keep your mailbox / phone clean – pending emails and filling-up-fast-storage of phone causes unnecessary stress. Isn’t it?
  • Do any act of kindness weekly – Give up your seat, donate to charities, volunteer
  • Try new recipes – it’s one of the best way to beat boredom
  • Reduce your debt – minimize your credit card bills / pay up loans as much as you can and as fast as you can.
  • Drink adequate amount of water – keep yourself hydrated always.
  • Minimize single-use plastic items – plastic bags / straws / floss sticks
  • Support Local Brands and Women entrepreneurs – Check our Social Media Mom SG platform for some amazing local products.
  • Be closer to nature – go for long walks in park / create your little urban garden / visit botanical garden / have a reservoir outing or all of these.

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