Lil Wild Returns To Okto On 5 For A Second Season

Okto’s most popular series, Lil Wild, has returned to Okto on 5! This second season will feature more characters, drama and laughs. Do watch it every Sunday morning at 9am from now till 27 February 2022.

Lil Wild S2 Characters

As you know, Lil Wild S2 is an animated children’s series that explores themes such as family and belonging, tech versus nature, as well as independence and adventure.

It’s based on animals from the Singapore Zoo and is highly successful. Lil Wild is distributed to Netflix and nominated by Content Asia Awards 2021 for Best Animated 3D Kids TV Programme.

You have met them before but this time there will be more focus on these cool characters:

Meep (Male White Tiger)

Timid, buck toothed and the youngest of the lot, Meep would love nothing more than to be a brave tiger. Thing is, he can’t even ROAR, he can only MEEP! This season Meep will venture out of the zoo into the city to rescue his dad. Along the way he will make new friends and learn the importance of family.

Wobi (Male Chinese Alligator)

Wobi may be smaller than most alligators but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t tower over them in thought! With his super-sized brain, he often uses his wits rather than his fists. This season Wobi heads out into the city on his own to bring Meep back.

Rara (Female Elephant)

Outspoken Rara is not open to “working on her delivery” because she’s not herself if she’s not honest. She may be best friends with Wobi but her blunt nature can sometimes hurt his feelings. This seasonshe’s in the zoo helping fend off the robot invasion!

Susie (Female Jr. Zookeeper)

Susie is the only human in this world. Blessed with the ability to speak with animals, she not only feeds and cleans after them, but also teaches them about the world around them as well as being the perennial big sister. This season audiences will learn more about Susie’s past (and powers), as well as deal with our season’s antagonist Pixel.

Also, do watch out for Villains like Pixel Hunter and Poacher.

You can also look forward to watch Raj – Meep’s long lost Dad.

Looks very fun? Do watch Lil Wild Season 2 every Sunday morning at 9am from now till 27 February 2022 on Okto on 5 or meWATCH

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