11 Tips To Reduce Anxiety

During these last 2 years of uncertainty and dance of destruction, anxiety is no longer just a word but is a reality that many of us experienced / are experiencing without even knowing when it struck us.

Watch out for Symptoms like palpitations, feeling broken and overwhelmed, poor quality of sleep, pressure on chest, constant state of stress and helplessness – all might point to anxiety.

Coping with Anxiety is possible! You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf .

I’m not an expert in this subject but having gone through some of these symptoms in the last 2 years, I can definitely share what helped / helping me. I hope this will help you all too.

Tips to manage and relieve Anxiety

?Take a deep breath. Repeat 4-5 times.
?Drink cold water.
?Distract yourself – watch online content that doesn’t cause further stress or indulge in some easy activities / hobbies.
?Close eyes and imagine that you are on a beach or mountain or in a spa.
?Put your thoughts on paper / digital notebook. I am a #blogger so that helped me so much.
?Eat healthy – include more vegetables and fruits, juices, salads. Avoid sugary or spicy stuff.
?Be mindful – address and analyze your own feelings
?Spend time playing with kids or plants or pets – this has been such a sure fire way for me to feel relaxed instantly.
?Low Impact Exercise – long walks, stretching, yoga.
?Avoid toxicity of all types as much as possible – people, situations, news
?Express yourself – Pent up emotions are harmful.

Take care and be happy folks. Do share if you have more tips that helped you to cope up with anxiety.


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