Review: Carbonate Any Drink With Drinkmate

We were thinking of getting something like this for some time. Especially when we are trying to adopt even healthier lifestyle by cutting down readymade sparkling drinks that might contain exorbitantly high amounts of sugar and other harmful substances. We recently got Drinkmate and thoroughly enjoying its ability to carbonate any drink.

Drinkmate Can Carbonate Any Drink

This is what we really love about Drinkmate. It can carbonate any drink. Not only water but also wines, teas, iced teas, coffees, and juices. This makes Drinkmate a true winner in our opinion. It presents a lot of possibilities to make your own carbonated drink combinations.

Easy To Setup, Easy To Use

Setup is as easy as saying 1-2-3. It comes with the soda maker, a BPA-free plastic bottle, fizz influser and a carbonator.

Easy to setup and clean up is easy too. All you have to do is to –

  • Remove the back cover of Drinkmate and fix carbonator.
  • Pour beverage into the bottle
  • Twist on fizz infuser on to the bottle
  • Attach fizz infuser and the bottle to Drinkmate
  • Press top button and let the carbonation happen.
  • Flip slow release valve and later press blue button to finalise the process
  • Take out Fizz Infuser and clean with water.

Your perfect carbonated drink is ready! Personally we created lemon mint sparkling water, rose pomegranate chiller, carbonated floral tea and can’t wait to try more options.

We also realised that the drink stays carbonated for long which is definitely a plus.


We do not need batteries or electricity to operate this machine. This makes it one cool sustainable gadget to have for every home.

We also eliminate single use plastic waste by making sparkling water or soda at home!

Comes in beautiful colors like black, red, blue.

Our Verdict

Absolutely good to have for Singapore homes. So far not found any flaw with it. It’s an excellent gift idea for occasions like anniversary, house warming and more.

More Information To Get Your Drinkmate

You can shop for Drinkmate here.

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