Mediacorp Brings Top Kids Shows And Funfilled Activities For The Family This Holiday!

Are you all ready to bounce into the school holidays with Mediacorp’s magical medley of kids’ programmes and activities. Youngsters will be enriched and entertained by specially curated brand-new kids shows in multi-languages, non-stop streaming across languages on meWATCH with oktolidays, exciting new titles on okto on 5 and okto on 8 with bonus clips on okto Youtube, crowdpleasing weekend movie specials, plus contests and games galore that will catapult your children on a captivating adventure!

The talk of the jungle will surely be the return of everyone’s favourite “tweenage” animals from Lil Wild. Based on creatures from the Singapore Zoo, the second season of this hugely popular original 3D animation kids series will see more humorous hijinks and high-stakes drama, as adorable white tiger Meep sneaks off on a mission to save his dad from poachers, even as a twisted technopreneur attempts to abolish our furry friends in favour of (gasp!) robotic replacements.

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Audiences will be drawn into an expanded universe filled with a colourful cast of characters – including the gruff pangolin Kwong, voiced with panache by rapper ShiGGa Shay – plus insights into sustainability, conservation and wildlife woven seamlessly into the show.

From animals to avatars: enter a gaming world writhing with monsters in Agents of Sprawl. This brandnew mixed live action and animated series follows two tween protagonists, Zayd and Meiling, who form an alliance with an AI robot Norman (played by taekwondo and TikTok star Ng Ming Wei @mingweirocks) in the titular virtual universe of Sprawl. Using their own unique avatars, our heroes fend off their fear of failure and other personal demons, while battling beasts and a billionaire supervillain hellbent on hijacking the virtual world for his own nefarious purposes.

Back in the real world, brace yourselves for an eye-opening time with Mind Blown!, the first-ever kids show produced by CNA that promises to be a real treat for trivia hunters. Hosted by familiar faces like JJ Neo and Joakim Gomez assisted by an AI sidekick BzBot, this investigative series probes the most perplexing myths, misconceptions, and modernday mysteries surrounding topics like current affairs, the Earth and environment. With rising sea levels, are all of us on low-lying Singapore doomed to drown? Are Singapore’s beloved otters behaving badly or just being playful? Can we live underground and what really lies beneath our feet? Only one way to find out!

In the mood for even more kid-friendly edutainment? Mediacorp has got your little preschoolers covered with the eighth season of Ollie And Friends, as Ollie and his pals traverse the whimsical wonderland of Ollipolis and explore the bright and beautiful shapes they see around them. A similar spirit of adventure abounds in Boonie Bears: The Adventurers S2, a Chinese animated cartoon series revolving around a tight-knit family of forest animals banding together to protect their lush lodgings from loggers.

Meanwhile, 10-to-14-year-olds can opt to “get lit” with Projek L.I.T S2, a Malay edutainment programme exploring everyday skills and classroom subjects like Malay proverbs and math; or Skuad Cilik S4, a Malay chat show starring inquisitive kids partaking in unpredictable challenges and interviewing grownup guests in unconventional settings, like a campsite and on a treadmill. And for more general knowledge goodness, check out the aptly named Karkka Kasadara (Vasantham Super Kids), a Tamil quiz show with contestants from competing primary schools being put through their paces on textbook topics like Tamil, science and Singapore itself.

Don’t miss Mediacorp’s blockbuster buffet of weekend movie specials. Must-watch highlights include the free-to-air premieres of My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021), in which pastel-hued ponies gallop off on a quest to restore magic to their realm; Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015), a crossover adventure mashup starring the iconic cat-and mouse and father-and-son pairings from Tom and Jerry and Jonny Quest; DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High (2016) and DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games (2017), about the teenage thrills and high school spills of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl and other superheroine youths; plus many more.

Exciting Weekly Games and Activities for the Entire Family

These include an embedded Mind Blown! BzBot chat site that kids can head to for answers to all their burning science-related questions, plus a slew of show-related contests – think Agents of Sprawl and My Little Pony Watch & Win contests, a Lil Wild treasure hunt, a Spot The Difference game with Ollie And Friends, and more – with over $5,000 worth of prizes, vouchers and staycations up for grabs. Good luck, and happy oktolidays!

pic: meWATCH website

You can watch all this and more on meWATCH, okto on Channel 5, okto on Channle 8, and Mediacorp okto on YouTube.

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