6 Reasons to Choose StarHub Smart WiFi Pro (Linksys MX4200 Velop) with WiFi 6 Technology

We have been using StarHub Smart WiFi (Nokia Beacon) for quite some time and that’s why when I got to know about the latest StarHub Smart Wifi Pro (Linksys MX4200 Velop) with WiFi 6 Technology, it was our immediate thought to get it for our home. After all, when it comes to gadgets, latest is the best! So yes, we got our new StarHub Smart Wifi Pro and it’s working smoothly, seamlessly and rendering awesome connectivity for our entire home.

Read on to know our 6 reasons to choose StarHub Smart Wifi Pro with Linksys WiFi 6 Technology for our home.

1. Entire Home on a Single Mesh Network

Dead spots, sudden dropping off the network, weak signal are some of the common issues that we all face when it comes to home WiFi. Especially when the home has a bigger living room or a longer lobby or homes with multiple levels, terrace, etc. that need seamless connectivity in every nook and corner. Add that to the work-from-home and hybrid working scenario – WiFi has become as essential as food, isn’t it?

With StarHub Smart WiFi Pro – these issues get resolved and entire home is placed on a Single Mesh Network. This WiFi with its Intelligent Mesh™ technology and WiFi 6 is designed to deliver 4X the speed of AC (WiFi 5) routers for the entire home.

2. Sleek appearance, High quality, Trusted brand

StarHub Smart WiFi Pro looks sleek, doesn’t occupy too much space, fits anywhere and gels with your home decor. It’s a high-quality device that comes with a 2-year warranty and last but not the least, this Smart WiFi Pro is available from everyone’s well-trusted StarHub.

3. Your Work From Home and Gaming Companion

Work-from-home, Hybrid working are the concepts here to stay for a long time. Even kids are expected to have more of E-learning. In such situation, the WiFi has to be really strong enough to support all our professional and academic timelines. We find that StarHub Smart WiFi Pro is a great companion and there are no glitches experienced while we work-from-home.

Pic. Courtesy: StarHub Website

We have Xbox gaming console and the 4X speed and low latency of this WiFi enables to provide a lower latency and enhanced online gaming experience. Gamers in your home will rejoice for sure after you set this up.

4. Ultra-strong WiFi and 4X lightning fast speed

Who doesn’t love seamless streaming of movies and videos. We love watching Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime too. Entertainment is at its best with StarHub Smart WiFi Pro. Strong, consistent and reliable WiFi coverage throughout the home. Supercharged speed on your downloads and 4K streaming that means there are no irritating waiting time.

5.  Connect up to 40 devices

This is the feature we personally love. In modern homes, there are various gadgets that need WiFi. Laptops, tablets, phones, smart home appliances and more – StarHub Smart WiFi Pro connects up to 40 devices and delivers zoom zoom speed for all of them.

6. Easy set up and control with the Linksys app

Setting up StarHub Smart Wifi Pro is very straightforward. No, you don’t have to be a techie to do it. Linksys app lets you conduct speed tests at home, allows you to set up Parental Controls to ensure safer better Internet experience for kids.

It also lets you prioritize devices that need the most speed – example – office / study laptops and it can grant Guest Access creation for up to 50 guests.

Video Courtesy: StarHub Website

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