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There’s one question that forever haunts moms like me is – How to Organize kids and other stuff of the home? Especially when it comes to socks, small / big towels, accessories, toys and now masks – it gets very messy and hard to organize. Also, it really takes a long time to find what exactly you want to wear or carry with you and spoils the day and wastes our precious time. At our home, we have tried a few home organization and storage solutions but the quality was not that great or the products didn’t offer the convenience we wanted. Just recently, we discovered Bagtory HK and we love how neatly it organizes all and sundry. At the same time, we bought a few more bags from them and must say that they are amazing!

We got quite a few bags and organizers from Bagtory and we are loving how versatile they are. Read on!

HELLO backpack/handbag


HELLO Backpack and handbag come in transparent and environmentally friendly PVC material. The quality is great and we found these bags to be very durable.  The backpack has a webbing strap and zipper front pocket. There are many colors available to choose from – Black, pink, green, blue and more. The handbag and backpack both look very catchy and go well with any outfit and occasion.

It has enough storage to contain all the essentials needed for office work or short travels or outdoors or even for hangout with family and friends.

ME bag-in-bag storage bag


This ME bag-in-bag storage bag is an excellent bag for moms. You can use this bag for keeping feeding bottles, water cups, wet wipes, tissues, table utensils and so on. It’s very portable and can be hung on baby strollers, handles, portable, cross-body. Shoulder straps can be detached. The material is high-quality and comes with a nylon zipper. Oh yes, it’s washable!

  • transparent and clear design, washable
  • good quality of material: made of extra thick 0.3mm environmental-friendly transparent PVC
  • high quality and durable double zip
  • thickening nylon edge
  • stackable and stable, foldable when not in use

Drawer storage compartment DR


These organizers from Bagtory are saviors for moms. With these Drawer storage compartments, the clothes and other stuff in cupboards are no longer messy. The material is stronger than those made of mesh.

  • Ultra-thick transparent PVC with nylon edging
  • Thick material, strong and durable
  • Transparent storage, clear at a glance

The organizers by Bagtory come in various combinations making it convenient to organize any sizes of clothes.


We are really impressed with our haul from Bagtory and definitely recommend you to check out their site.

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  1. These organisers are one of the most essential things we need to keep our daily useful items like pens etc.

  2. These bags and organisers from bagtory are looking so nice and useful. I also love to have compartments to organise my stuff in wardrobe and otherwise in kids closet too

  3. This is a nice range of some really good products. What I really liked are the organizers which are so innovative and are sure to be of great help in the house.

  4. These bags are so beautiful ❤️ I really liked the colour and design. The storage bags are must have and I will surely check it out.

  5. It is indeed extremely convenient to be able to see what we our putting in our bags – whether for storage or personal use. Will check these out. Thanks.

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