Tips for Staycation in the New Normal

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The year 2020 has come to an end; – it’s time for a whole new start in 2021. Seeing that Singapore has entered Phase 3 and the vaccine is on its way, we hope this year will be getting better. However, international travel is still not allowed, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make this out of the current situation. Nurse your travel bug by exploring the neighbourhood you haven’t ventured into before. Let us share some tips on what to pack for a short staycation in the new normal.

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Handy travel bag – organise your items with organiser bags

First and foremost, a handy travel bag or carry-on luggage can ease your whole staycation experience. Make sure to utilise the organiser bags to organise your clothes and toiletries. Roll or fold your clothes before storing them into the organiser bags. The rolling method helps save a lot of space and minimise the creases found on poorly folded clothes. If you are going with your family members, we recommend designating 1 organiser bag per member. It makes your life easier when retrieving your items. Besides, your items look neat and secure when you move around with your luggage.

For hygiene purposes, it is advisable to bring your personal items such as towel, water bottle or cutlery.

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Bring your face masks and hand sanitisers

Prevention is better than cure. Planning a staycation in this new normal, face masks and hand sanitisers are mandatory items. Prepare a few versatile masks in case your stay does not provide one. Besides, always keep your hand sanitised after touching public surfaces.

Tips: Store your used face mask with a mask holder when you are about to have your meal. It prevents “cross-contamination” of your mask with other items such as keys, phones and wallet inside your bag. Alternatively, if you think keeping your mask with a mask holder is a hassle, you can hold your mask with the latest fashion accessories – face mask chain.

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Choose the right wardrobe for your occasion

Your staycation destination needs to be as chic as the outfits that you bring! With a staycay full of insta-worthy opportunities, you’d want to dress up for your OOTD looks. Choose the right wardrobe that suits your occasion. For instance, if your staycay itinerary is a cool Airbnb stay with a private pool, bring along your sexy swimsuit and a comfortable pair of footwear is a must. Spice up your romantic dinner date looks with accessories as well. After all, life is too short to dress boring right?

Avoid crowded public places; if you plan for a hotel stay, request an express check-in to minimise physical contact. Besides, do make an advanced booking for your accommodation’s dining and facilities.

The “Singapoliday” staycation will eventually allow you to experience your home city with a different point of view. The Covid-19 pandemic had taught us to live in the moment, who knows what things may change the next day you’re awake. Perhaps a joyful staycation is what you need to picture in your mind right now.

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