Top 25 New Year Resolutions We Should Make and Hopefully Stick To!

Hello all dear friends and A Very Happy New Year to You all! After the never-before-seen-and-experienced 2020 that made us dance to its tunes, finally there is a new hope in the form of a brand New Year. New Year signifies New Beginnings though we at RainbowDiaries truly believe that any day is great to do something new. So here we list down 25 New Year Resolutions that we can make either NOW at the start of 2021 or anytime.

Top 25 New Year Resolutions We Should Make and Hopefully Stick To!

  1. Spend More Time with Family
  2. Seize the moments for yourself and invest on Me-Time
  3. Steal some couple time and get cozy with your spouse
  4. Get in Shape
  5. Build Positive Mindset
  6. Don’t take anything for granted
  7. Go Green
  8. Don’t Procrastinate
  9. Meet New People and Spend some time with Friends
  10. Get More Quality Sleep
  11. Eat Healthier food and lesser food
  12. Pick up One New Skill
  13. Get involved in Charity
  14. Quit smoking / drinking
  15. Declutter your home
  16. Declutter your mind
  17. Stay away from people who contribute nothing but negativity to your life
  18. Get into the habit of being punctual
  19. Reduce excessive Social Media usage
  20. Watch for alert signs regarding your health and Visit Doctor if necessary
  21. Reduce stress
  22. Face Your Fears
  23. Adopt a pet
  24. Learn to take risks
  25. Live life to the fullest

How to Stick to the New Year Resolutions that we make?

It’s not easy to stick to the New Year resolutions unless we are really determined. Here are some suggestions on how to ensure that we follow the resolutions we make.

Limit the number of Resolutions: Though we have listed 25 resolutions above, it’s best to pick up a few and concentrate on them.

One step at a Time: Change is never easy and that’s why we have to start one step at a time.

Impossible is nothing: We have to constantly remind ourselves that everything is possible with the right mindset. Don’t give up on your plans for New Year.

Avoid past errors: Do not repeat past mistakes that made the resolutions go haywire.

Plan and Take stock of the progress: Spend some time of planning how you want to achieve your New Year resolutions and keep an eye on the progress. You can write journal too for the same.

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All the best! Do let us know what resolutions you have made and how you are keeping up with them. Here’s to a Happy Healthy and Successful 2021.

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