Mum Shares: Koobits Review For Her Child

The best way to learn is to find ways to make it easy, fun, engaging and effective at the same time. And when it comes to learning concepts of Mathematics it must be something which combines all the above in the form of daily practice lessons. In search of such learning scenario for my kid recently I have been introduced to the KooBits online learning platform.

What is Koobits?

For a smooth learning process and enhancing the problem-solving abilities in kids KOOBITS brings an engaging and interesting online learning platform for Primary School students to practice Math daily. Koobits Maths provides a huge collection of challenging word problems which focuses on the multiple Mathematics skills and concepts. It is developed by the top educators and experts in child development in coordination with skilled technical and digital experts. The content of this platform is age appropriate and aligned with the latest MOE curriculum.

The Koobits Learning Interface

The Koobits interface is highly interesting and interactive supported by a game themed environment created for the students to engage with the activities and challenges in a fun way. And how encouraging it is to receive points on every successful completion of challenges which enables them to unlock more challenges to participate and learn simultaneously.


  1. Variety of activities focused on continuous learning and improvement.

Above is the Dashboard which opens with a mix segments of learning activities.


There is an activity tab called Assignment which is the homework given at regular time intervals to be completed with an assigned deadline.

rainbowdiariesThe assignments are divided into three sections. One is for teachers who can give the assignments as a practice to the kids if the school is using KooBits as a learning platform. Second is a self-generated set of assignments by KooBits itself. Third is the Parent assignment where Parents can customize and create an assignment based on the skills and syllabus concepts, they want their kid to practice. The good thing is that the worksheets are printable too. So again it offers an option of less screen activity.


Then there is a Mission tab to do self-practice as per your choice of topics and at your pace. It provides two types of activities. Standard mission to develop the conceptual understanding based on MOE standards and syllabus. The other mission is Premium which enables the problem-solving skills using mathematical problems based on real world. The focus here is to develop high order thinking skills in the student.


If you choose to practice the Standard mission it opens with a list of topics as per the MOE syllabus for the primary level of your kid. The kids can select on individual topics to practice the activities based on different skill set to be learned for the selected topic.


And if you choose to go for the Premium mission then it opens with a deeply classified section of problems which enables the kids to focus on the skill needed to solve it. It presents a great overview of the high order thinking required to workout a solution for the given problem.



There are different kinds of challenges for kids to participate. The first is the DAILY CHALLENGE. It gives 10 personalized questions to practice every day based on their ongoing progress and score.

rainbowdiaries, Koobits

The there is an option of PEER CHALLENGE and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER through which you can challenge to play with your friends or can go to select a random challenge from anyone. Also, there is a SUNDAY MINI CHALLENGE for learning on weekends. How exciting it is to learn and practice in such a fun and organized way. You can also revise the topics with quick quiz sessions under the KOOQUIZ tab.

  1. Game based learning with engaging and interactive activities.

Besides the regular learning assignments and challenges there is a game-based section called BRAIN GAMES. This is an exciting collection of games which enables the kids to use and enhance their memory, attention, problem-solving, flexibility, speed, and adventure side of brain activity. Each section has its own set of games completely focused on the skill. The kids can play the games between 8am to 6pm but only for a maximum 25 minutes per day. This is so thoughtful to have a check on the safe screen time activity. Also, to play any game you need 1 Koko credit per day to unlock it. And to earn Koko credit you must complete the daily challenge, daily bonus, and homework. That is a great motivation for kids to learn better and enjoy the games section with the credit points earned by them.

rainbowdiaries, Koobits

  1. Customized Learning Experience

The experience of learning is totally customized with the learning pace of the kids. It offers challenges to the student, register their results, assess it immediately and generates reports accordingly to reflect where the student needs to focus and practice more. So, it is completely a personalized learning space for the students to learn at their own pace and attempt challenges to assess and improve their learning curve.

  1. A Detailed Progress Report for Parents

KooBits provides a detailed progress report of kids based on testing them for 144 skills mastery based on standard syllabus and high order thinking analysis. The reports present a clear picture to the parents that kid has attempted how many assignments of a particular topic. It also reflects their proficiency level per skill set. So, parents can manage their learning graph by working more on the weak areas with regular practice. The most interesting thing to add there is the Mistakes History tab to check which questions were attempted incorrectly. A good way to easy access of the mistakes done and pay attention to for future attempts.

Koobits, RainbowDiaries

  1. Encourages Self-learning Habits in Kids

The interface is woven in such an easy and engaging manner that it encourages kids to practice the concepts at their own pace, attempt daily and weekly set of assignments, takes challenges to assess how well they are progressing with the learning. Whenever they attempt any question. If it is incorrect there is an explanation either in the form of text or there is video to make them understand it.

  1. The Platform is Easily Accessible

You can log in to your KooBits online learning platform account from anywhere unless you are connected to network. It can be your iPad, PC, Android devices or other tabs.

A Parent Outlook

In all as a parent I found that the KooBits learning platform is a very detailed and focused way to let my kid work on enhancing and improving her Math skill set and develop a high order thinking to solve complex problems in a structured manner. I love how much customized the assignments become once my kid has started attempting and registering her scores. I am totally impressed by the kind of reports it generates. It is so focused at individual skills level that you cannot miss to track the progress in detail. I can clearly figure out which areas she needs improvement and together we can work on reinforcing those concepts to bring more understanding.

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