Highly Recommended! Sunset Dinner Cruise on Royal Albatross For Cozy Couple-Time

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Do you think that once we get married and have kids, our life revolves only and only around kids, their studies and parents have to put aside their own wishes? If yes, think again! We at RainbowDiaries have always been an advocate of Me-time and We-time as much as we cherish our Family time. Couples must spend time together and keep doing silly things, special things even after having kids because Happy parents = Happy kids = Happy family! We all know that it’s not that easy to steal time from our forever busy routine but it’s not impossible either. We will highly recommend you to take your better half to The Sunset Dinner Cruise on Royal Albatross and you will surely come back with lots of sweet memories to cherish.

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

A Little About Royal Albatross

Royal Albatross is famously known as the Luxury Tall Ship of Singapore.

The Royal Albatross started by cruising the Great Lakes prior to the beginning of an epic journey that brought her over 15,000 kilometres from the shores of North America to the tropical waters of South East Asia.

After 360,000 man hours of re-designing and re-fitting, Royal Albatross is now a sailing ship of unmatched quality and splendor.  A ship designed to entertain and impress with 22 sails, over 650 square meters of canvas and adorned with over 60,000 RGB lights.

Needless to say, Royal Albatross is a beauty to visit.

Sunset Dinner Cruise on Royal Albatross


After booking the tickets online conveniently, you will board the ship from the jetty near SEA Aquarium. Due to Covid-19, strict protocol like mask, sanitizer, temperature checks all must be followed. The ship is certified under SG Clean and is maintained to the highest cleanliness levels for your safety.

The first look of the ship itself is captivating.


After entering the ship, you will be assigned a table and of course, there is social distancing in the current scenario. The bar is well-equipped and you can always top-up for drinks over and above the package you have booked.

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

The staff gives the safety instruction and then you are free to soak in the beauty of Singapore Waters over sumptuous dinner.

Great Food on board Royal Albatross


Honestly, we weren’t expecting food this good but it surpassed the expectations surely. Vegetarian / Vegan choices are available too. 3 course / 6 course dinner – there are two choices and we found that 3 course dinner is already quite filling.

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

Romantic Evening and the Vast Blues


Away from the usual hustle bustle, you can spend some quality time with your beloved. Literally 100 shades of blue of the Sea and the Sky are enough to do the talking!

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

Royal Albatross X RainbowDiaries

How was the overall experience? tranquil, romantic and yummy.

This 4-mast 22-sail luxury Tall Ship towering overhead, 360 degree sea views and mood lighting surrounding you, Royal Albatross creates a truly awesome dining ambiance. Is it suitable for family and kids? We will say yes especially when it comes to celebrating birthdays and special occasions.

Booking and Other Details about Royal Albatross

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  1. That is awesome! The ship looks gorgeous and the food looks amazing! I will share this with my friends!

  2. Sailing into the sunset on a luxury cruise is definitely one of the most romantic experiences. the Royal Albatross sunset dinner cruise looks tailor made for couples looking for a serene and romantic experience in Singapore;

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    Wow I would love to do something like this! What a lovely experience it seems to have been for you and your husband!

  4. The ship looks great beautiful and the food seems super delicious definitely would love to travel once… Your couple story of booking tickets was really good to read your experience..

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