5 Plastic Surgery Myths Busted By Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Thanks Dr Samuel Ho, Medical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Allure Plastic Surgery for busting 5 Plastic Surgery myths.

Myth #1: Incisional double eyelid surgery gives an unnatural look

Cutting or incisional double eyelid surgery produces results that are as natural as and more long-lasting than non-incisional double eyelid surgery. However, it does take a longer time to “naturalise” compared to the “stitching” method due to the increased swelling and bruising.

An unnatural double eyelid crease results when too much eyelid skin is being cut away, too high an eyelid crease height is chosen or if it is an unsuitable eyelid crease shape. These do happen more frequently from an incisional method compared to the stitching method, but it boils down to proper decision-making pre-surgery.

Myth #2: I can do a tummy tuck and caesarean section at the same time to achieve a mummy makeover with a single recovery period

This is not recommended as the elevated amount of hormones due to the pregnancy will result in more bruising and bleeding. Excess swelling in the skin from the pregnancy also makes it very difficult to gauge the amount of extra skin and fat that should be removed during the tummy tuck procedure.

Furthermore, additional stress and prolonged recovery from a tummy tuck surgery may impact the success of breastfeeding after delivery.

Myth #3: I have to remove my breast implants before pregnancy. If not, I cannot breastfeed.

Many well-established studies in the US have debunked this myth, showing that silicone from breasts implants does not leak into breast milk and proving that the breast milk of mothers with implants is as safe as of those without.

Mothers with breast implants also do not experience more difficulty with breastfeeding than those without, although those with very large implants may experience more engorgement symptoms during breastfeeding. Expression of breast milk with a suction device is also safe as long as cohesive gel implants are placed sub-muscularly.

Lastly, some of my patients worry about increased sagging after breastfeeding. Actually, the reverse is true. A mother with breast implants will experience much less breastfeeding deflation and this, in turn, reduces the apparent sag thereafter, particularly for mothers with sub-muscular implants.

Myth #4: Tummy tucks are only done for vanity reasons

This is definitely untrue for a large group of my patients, particularly mothers who have had caesarean sections, multiple pregnancies, twins or babies with large birth weights. They may have diastasic recti (a separation of the abdominal muscles) or umbilical hernias.

These are functional problems, which may be symptomatic, and will only get worse with age. It may also affect their ability to participate in activities such as yoga, pilates and other exercises that require good core strength.

Besides removing excess skin and fat, tummy tucks also allow for the repair of these hernias and defects, thus restoring function to patients.

Myth #5: Plastic Surgery Is Only For Women

About 30 to 35% of my clientele are men. Their top reason for coming to me is eye bags.

Other common reasons are droopy eyelids or ptosis and gynaecomastia or man boobs.

These are potentially insurance and Medisave claimable depending on their severity.

About Allure Plastic Surgery

Located at Wisma Atria’s penthouse floor, Allure Plastic Surgery is
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This exquisite day surgery centre focuses on mummy makeovers,
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Dr Ho has worked alongside top plastic surgery centres in Korea
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passion for research, has also led to the discovery of several new
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