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My Intensive Scalp Treatment with Beijing 101 and why you should check it out too

We women are always very concerned when it comes to hair. On my social media channels, I often get queries about rebonding, hair color, hair cut and so on. At the same time, there are many ladies worry about thinning and greying hair. For me, though my hair are thick, they are rough like grass with the issue of hereditary greying and I suspect that thinning of hair near crown has started too. While working on my hair, I was forgetting one MOST important thing and that is: Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair. Thankfully I visited Beijing 101 Hair Consultants who are undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to Scalp and Haircare. Beijing 101’s Intensive Scalp Treatment worked very well on my scalp and in one sitting, my scalp started feeling very clean, itch-free and overall hair condition improved to a great extent.

Disclaimer: photos in this blog post were taken before Covid-19.

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

I take care of my hair to a great extent but somehow ignore the scalp. Itchy, oily and reddish scalp is quite frequent for me. Also, sometimes the scalp becomes dry, flaky and dandruff-prone. I really needed to get my scalp condition assessed and that’s why I booked an appointment with Beijing 101 Hair Consultants at their Funan outlet.

What a lovely ambiance! The consultants are very friendly. They were ready to share information and answer doubts.


They greeted me with a hot cuppa of ginger herbal tea and that was so much needed after a busy day of this busy mom.


Scalp Analysis

Beijing 101 Hair Consultants bring their expertise with 45 years of experience, since 1974 where they have been dedicated to combat hair troubles like the oily scalp, male/female pattern hair loss, dandruff, dry/damaged hair, and greying hair.

My hair consultant did detailed scalp analysis before suggesting the treatment. They customize the treatment so that it provides the best effect to your scalp and hair.

Look at my crown area analysis! Hair density is lesser. Bad…


Disgusting photos alert! Look at how flaky is my scalp. Oily too. Eww…


Before Treatment

Grey hair and Redness on the scalp…


Before Treatment

After analyzing my scalp thoroughly and after getting to know more about my lifestyle, my consultant suggested that I should go for Intensive Scalp treatment that promotes healthy, clean and well-moisturized scalp that will in turn lead to healthier and shinier smooth hair texture by strengthening hair follicles.

Intensive Scalp Treatment

The first step in the treatment is application of Hair mask for deep cleansing the scalp. Do you know hair color leaves a lot of marks on the scalp and exactly that has happened to my scalp too. So this step was very important.


The mask is applied to entire scalp by making small sections of hair like you can see in these pics.

After leaving on the mask for about 20 minutes, it’s Wash time.


Beijing 101 Hair Consultants have their own unique products that target the problem areas of the hair and they all are made from natural herbal ingredients. The herbal shampoo and conditioner they used to wash my hair immediately soothed my scalp. The difference was clearly noticeable.


Let’s take pampering to the next level. This warm sea salt pillow was like a dream to my shoulders.

Next step involves an application of herbal mask that consists of 9 premium grade natural herbs and multi-pronged approach to deep cleanse the scalp and hair follicles of impurities while address the multiple causes of hair loss. I needed it to combat hair thinning of the crown area.

This mask works just like how a makeup remover helps to remove makeup impurities.


It’s very comforting to the scalp and the fragrance is great too.

Head massage after the mask is applied.


I must say that consultants at Beijing 101 Hair Consultants are very skillful. The head massage was so effective that I almost dozed off.

Wait, what’s this? Helmet?


Yes, it’s kind of helmet device that helps to penetrate the herbal goodness into the scalp and at the same time works like acupressure to improve blood circulation.


Another 15-20 minutes and it’s time to wash the hair and blow dry.


And…this is how my hair looked immediately after completing the Intensive Scalp Treatment.


Fresh, fragrant, smooth with a clean, clear and refreshed scalp. Really felt very happy after the treatment.

Time to see the final results

The moment of truth that showed how nicely the Intensive Scalp Treatment of Beijing 101 Hair Consultants worked on my scalp.


Scalp Analysis was conducted once again and here are the results.


After Treatment

Dead cells, flakes are all cleared and the hair color stains are vanished too.


After Treatment

No more reddened and irritated scalp. Overall, the scalp looked so much healthier and better even under the Scalp Analysis device that doesn’t hide anything.


I [and my scalp] loved this Intensive Scalp Treatment. We shouldn’t ignore the scalp care because it’s the scalp that determines how the hair will look like. I am already ready to book my next appointment with Beijing 101 Hair Consultants.

Here’s is something for you, my lovelies

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  2. I really liked this scalp treatment buddy, I think I need this too. Thanks a lot for sharing this with so much details

  3. This seems to be a good treatment. I like the fact that they have a very holistic approach in how they analyse all lifestyle issues before deciding on correct treatment.

  4. This looks a great intense treatment for scalp , I am really amazed with the results. Will try to find something similar here in Delhi

  5. Khushboo Wase

    That’s a good hair treatment. I saw the results on the pictures it looks really effective treatment for hair.

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